SQL Sound Deadening CLD triple stage acoustic sound treatement

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Soundmat will aid in removing any noisy vibrations, soundproofing your vehicle from outside road noise while enhancing the speakers sound quality. Soundmat is designed to improve the quality of your listening experience, maximizing the depth and bass response. Soundmat utilizes a non-toxic, tar free, odorless butyl backing with extreme bonding abilities. With high and low temperature resistance, Soundmat can be installed in most climate conditions.

3 layer system

Soundmat is created using 3 layers, all with a specific purpose. When put together they offer a complete sound deadening system.

layer 1

The waterproof 3.5mm thick closed cell foam layer of Soundmat is the component that balances and attenuates the speaker back waves that are created. This allows for a clearer, deeper listening experience.

layer 2

The aluminum foil layer creates a thermal barrier from outside temperatures. Sandwiched between the foam and butyl, it provides increased flexibility so it can conform to any body panel.

layer 3

The non toxic butyl layer creates a bond when installed that primarily holds the Soundmat sheet firmly in place. Its primary focus is to block most outside road noise from going into the cabin of the vehicle, in turn creating a listening experience that is enhanced whilst road noise is dramatically reduced.

Each Commerical pack includes 10 sheets (1M x 0.5M) allowing for a total surface coverage of 55 Sq Ft.