Learn About Car Audio

Learn About Car Audio

Car Audio
Yes, it’s still a thing! There was a period where it really wasn’t, but it’s back with a vengeance!
Car Audio continues to grow and evolve. We are the best trained car stereo company in

Canada. We know that some of you need to hear your music the way it was intended to be
heard: Clearly; loudly and accurately. We take great pride in making your commute fun again.
Amplifiers are getting smaller, DSP (Digital Signal Processor) is an important thing, and
subwoofers don’t need to take up your whole trunk anymore!
Changing the head-unit has become more about integrating your lifestyle with your device, into
the vehicle. Sometimes, we cannot remove the factory radio as it is part of the car, so we offer
all of the other features that yours is missing.
Voice navigation via Alexa, Android Auto, and Apple’s Car Play have become the main reason to
do anything with the factory radio


SoundsGood Auto is your local shop for everything car audio related. Our experts can provide you with basic speaker upgrades to full blown concert sounding car audio systems. We have all of the products you need and our team as SoundsGood Auto are truly the local experts when it comes to installing your new car audio system.

You have invested in your awesome vehicle and you definitely need better sound right? 

Maybe it's your first car or your car of your dreams, our staff at SoundsGood Auto has the cure to make you... Well Sounds Good! Our local car stereo experts are always at hand if you need a help in product selection or a top tier custom installation. We can do anytype of installation from basic to full blown custom. 


Upgrading your speakers is one of the most significant improvements to a sound system you can make. No two speakers sound exactly the same and it can be difficult to determine how they sound by looking at specifications on paper. This is where we take your input and provide you with professional advice to determine what suits your needs.


Adding a subwoofer or a powered subwoofer is a simple and effective way of improving your overall sound quality. A subwoofer will create a more powerful impact in your music and give you a more fulfilled acoustic pattern. We can build a custom subwoofer enclosure for you that matches your vehicle's appearance, install a powered subwoofer or find the right enclosure for you that fits and retains the factory look with a JL Audio stealthbox. 


A dsp or digital signal processor gives you precise tone control in your car audio system. A SoundsGood Auto technician can recreate the playback of your favorite music the way it's supposed to sound. Our SoundsGood Auto tuning experts will adjust time delays, equalizers and crossovers and will make your new car audio system sound amazing. 


Want better bass, more midrange or those slamming bass guitar notes? Our SoundsGood Auto car audio experts can install a car audio amplifier into your factory car audio system, or add incorporate it with new speakers and a radio. 


If you are looking for true audiophile sound in your vehicle, our car audio experts at SoundsGood Auto use the latest tools to make sure your vehicle is acoustically turned perfect. From our laptop computers to real time analyzers and computer software we can make your vehicle sound absolutely amazing. 


Shopping for a new radio for your vehicle, powersport toy or even RV? Here at SoundsGood Auto we only stock the best car audio brands in the mobile electronics industry. We have simple radios, we have radios that have GPS navigation built-in along with ur top-selling radios that have CarPlay & AndrodiAuto so you can use your radio with your voice. Stop in either our Burnaby or Coquitlam locations and choose from Pioneer, Kenwood, Sony or JVC. Our car audio experts will explain all of the helpful features and help you choose the correct one for your vehicle. 


Love your factory radio? No problem the car audio experts at SoundsGood Auto can integrate a digital processor, upgraded factory speakers, back up camera and we can even add bluetooth streaming. Keep the factory look but let us get you better sound.