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Commercial Vehicle Products and Services
Do you need amber lighting, safety camera systems, 360 degree camera systems or radar systems for the commercial vehicle fleet that you manage or maintain? T he SoundsGood team is here to help. We carry the top brands in the industry, and our expertly trained technicians understand the need for timely service and world-class reliability from every installation.
Safety Lighting
We work with companies like Pro Signal and GOLight to deliver the most robust, brightest, and safest commercial vehicle lighting solutions available. From a work truck on a construction site to a front end loader digging up dirt, Pro Signal and GOLight, lightbars, beacons, flashers, lightheads, and work lights are the standards by which all others are compared.
Backup and Safety Camera Systems
The safety benefits of a backup camera system dramatically outweigh their cost. Personal injury, property damage, and vehicle repair costs can quickly reach the tens of thousands. Investing in a blind spot, backup, and cargo monitoring camera system is like having a co-pilot in the vehicle at a fraction of the price.
We offer top rated reliable dashcam and multi-camera mobile video recording solutions. With the number of poor drivers on the road and fraud at an all-time high, protecting your staff and fleet is always great idea.
Expert Installation Services
The vehicle integration technicians at SoundsGood Auto are amongst the best in the world. They take pride in the work they do, whether it’s installing a complete safety lighting or camera system, or adding components to a previously-equipped vehicle, every aspect of the project is optimized for system performance, reliability, and ease-of-use.


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Knowledgeable Certified Technicians

Car Audio Installation

We are passionate about delivering great car audio to our clients. Experiencing realistic and powerful sound playback in your vehicle is always our objective.

Advanced Dash Cams & Driver Safety

We advocate for safer driving practices. We offer many products, combined with careful installation, that help drivers increase awareness and decrease distractions.

Vehicle Security

At SoundsGood Auto Services, we are passionate about protecting your vehicle with the most comprehensive and innovative vehicle security products available.

RV Entertainment

Recreation with great sound At SoundsGood Auto, we realize just because you travel off the beaten path with your recreational vehicle, it does not mean you should give up the fun!

HD Video

Enjoying a mobile video entertainment system from SoundsGood Auto is easy and fun for all your passengers whether on a trip across town or across Canada.

Keyless Entry

Lock and Unlock Your Vehicle by Remote SoundsGood Auto can install a remote keyless entry system into just about any kind of vehicle so that your doors can lock and unlock via remote control. This is almost necessary convenience to which most people have become accustomed. If your vehicle did not come with keyless entry,

Remote Start

At SoundsGood Auto Services, we install many types of remote car starters to make your vehicle more comfortable when you get in ready to drive. Whether you're heating the interior in the winter or cooling it in the summer, we can recommend and install the ideal remote car starter system for you.


Light Up Your Vehicle At SoundsGood Auto we are lighting specialists. We offer a broad range of interior and exterior lighting upgrades to add style and visibility to your vehicle. Whether styled exterior or interior lighting or supplemental lighting for off road conditions, we have what you need.


Thinkware F800PRO Bundle

The Dash Cam That Does It All


The Thinkware F800PRO Bundle is our “go-to” dash cam system as it has it all! 

The Sony Exmor R STARVIS Image Sensor applied to the F800PRO provides rich colors and the optimal resolution. STARVIS technology improves Exmor R’s low light sensitivity by providing optimal image quality in visible ray and near-infrared range, allowing clear imaging in low light environments.

Super Night Vision technology reduces noise and enhances image quality in low-light conditions.

THINKWARE Dash Cams capture everything from the ordinary to the spectacular.

THINKWARE Dash cams come with wide viewing angle to provide the best coverage of the roads.

Boat Speakers

Keith McCumber



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Defined by Excellent Service


We have three Core Values: Reputation; Transparency and Family Values. As a team, we chose these as they best describe our vision of what a company should be.


Our reputation works for us because we work for it. We take great pride in our work, so we have a stellar reputation for being so focused on doing the right things for the right reasons.


Our belief in transparency is quite simple really: we are open and honest with everyone about everything to create a sense of unity. It keeps things really simple and easy to duplicate from person to person, store to store.


Family Values is not just about us treating each other with respect, but also our customers. When they don’t understand how something works or when there’s a problem, we help them. When one of us is sick, we expect them to call us so that they may stay home to recuperate.


Our incredibly talented team at SoundsGood Auto has decades of knowledge and experience to provide the best customer experience and our world-class Vehicle Enhancement Facilities. Our team is our greatest asset.


Stop in and visit either our Coquitlam or Burnaby locations and allow us to give you a shop tour, discuss your vehicle’s technology needs and recommended high-quality solutions that combine our expert installation.

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