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Car Audio Installation

We are passionate about delivering great car audio to our clients. Experiencing realistic and powerful sound playback in your vehicle is always our objective.

HD Video

Enjoying a mobile video entertainment system from SoundsGood Auto is easy and fun for all your passengers whether on a trip across town or across Canada.

Advanced Dash Cams & Driver Safety

We advocate for safer driving practices. We offer many products, combined with careful installation, that help drivers increase awareness and decrease distractions.

Keyless Entry

Lock and Unlock Your Vehicle by Remote SoundsGood Auto can install a remote keyless entry system into just about any kind of vehicle so that your doors can lock and unlock via remote control. This is almost necessary convenience to which most people have become accustomed. If your vehicle did not come with keyless entry,

Vehicle Security

At SoundsGood Auto Services, we are passionate about protecting your vehicle with the most comprehensive and innovative vehicle security products available.

Remote Start

At SoundsGood Auto Services, we install many types of remote car starters to make your vehicle more comfortable when you get in ready to drive. Whether you're heating the interior in the winter or cooling it in the summer, we can recommend and install the ideal remote car starter system for you.

RV Entertainment

Recreation with great sound At SoundsGood Auto, we realize just because you travel off the beaten path with your recreational vehicle, it does not mean you should give up the fun!


Light Up Your Vehicle At SoundsGood Auto we are lighting specialists. We offer a broad range of interior and exterior lighting upgrades to add style and visibility to your vehicle. Whether brighter replacement headlamps, styled exterior or interior lighting, or supplemental lighting for off road conditions, we have what you need.


Thinkware F770 Bundle

the new standard for advanced, premium Wi-Fi enabled dash cams

The Thinkware F770 Bundle is our “go-to” dash cam system as it has it all! 
Beyond the 1080P (front & rear), it has Sony’s Exmor lens which allows for a superior quality picture. Having a device on my window that tells me in advance of a red light camera (or speed trap cameras), allows me to be more aware of the consequences waiting for me around every corner of my world. It also boasts the ability to tell me when I’m crossing lanes and warns me when I get to close to an impending accident.
My favourite aspect of this camera is that it records things while I am away from the car. If someone hits my car or is lurking around it like a thief in the night, it records it all to allow me to know what is going on so that I feel safe.
Surprisingly, it’s making me a better driver as I know that I am being recorded. I have proof that I am a great driver, so that if an officer tries to say something about me that is not true, then I have proof to take to court to not pay the ticket that I was given for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.
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We have three Core Values: Reputation; Transparency and Family Values. As a team, we chose these as they best describe our vision of what a company should be.


Our reputation works for us because we work for it. We take great pride in our work, so we have a stellar reputation for being so focused on doing the right things for the right reasons.


Our belief in transparency is quite simple really: we are open and honest with everyone about everything to create a sense of unity. It keeps things really simple and easy to duplicate from person to person, store to store.


Family Values is not just about us treating each other with respect, but also our customers. When they don’t understand how something works or when there’s a problem, we help them. When one of us is sick, we expect them to call us so that they may stay home to recuperate.


Our incredibly talented team at SoundsGood Auto has decades of knowledge and experience to provide the best customer experience and our world-class Vehicle Enhancement Facilities. Our team is our greatest asset.


Stop in and visit either our Coquitlam or Burnaby locations and allow us to give you a shop tour, discuss your vehicle’s technology needs and recommended high-quality solutions that combine our expert installation.

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