Mobile Electronics Magazine Knowledgefest 2022

Mobile Electronics Magazine Knowledgefest 2022

     We recently attended the Mobile Electronics Magazine Knowledgefest event in Las Vegas and came back with some amazing awards.
     We are truly grateful for you our clients in supporting our local businesses and also a big shout out to all of our peers in the mobile electronics industry. Here are the awards we received proudly.

Customer Experience
     Winning the best customer service award at Knowledge Fest 2022 was a mind-numbing experience. I didn’t know that my peers looked upon me like this.
     SoundsGood won this year because we were able to show them that our focus is not money: it’s customer satisfaction.
     My philosophy is simple: money is an outcome of doing great things! I found when I focus on money, it becomes a problem to deal with. When I focus on doing the next right thing, life is so much easier.

Customer Retention
     We retain customers by providing an excellent experience. The only time that customers really see us shine is when there is an issue with their products or service. We explain things to our valuable clients, like contingency plans so that they know that we are designed to take care of things if something goes away.
     It SoundsGood has 3 core values: Reputation; Transparency and Family.
     Since our reputation is so important to us, we will fight to the end to keep ours intact as it is great! Transparency keeps things simple with honest, open communication. Family Values allow us to work with the humane part or our DNA. Accidents happen, people get sick, life is unpredictable, we have learned that it is best to do the next right thing.
     We believe that people just want to be treated fairly and given opportunities to keep suffering to a minimum.
     Thank you everyone for making us better each year and supporting us.


With locations in Coquitlam & Burnaby SoundsGood Auto is your place for car audio and more!

With locations in Coquitlam & Burnaby SoundsGood Auto is your place for car audio and more!

SoundsGood Auto has provided clients in the Vancouver, British Columbia, area with premium car audio, convenience and safety solutions since January 2005. From the beginning, its focus has been on delivering world-class solutions that start with obtaining an understanding of the client’s goals. Where many stores are happy to sell a client the product they ask about, the SoundsGood team takes customer service to the next level with a thorough one-on-one consultation. The goal of this process is to ensure that the solution they offer delivers the features, performance, experience and value the client wants.

World-Class Facilities Ensure Efficiency
Owner Keith McCumber told us that he started with a small showroom and installation area in a somewhat hidden industrial plaza. Over the years, the store moved to a busy main street in Coquitlam. The once-simple concept has evolved to more than 4,500 square feet of space at this location. The 1,400-square-foot showroom is equipped with fully interactive displays. Clients can test their smartphones on a radio or listen to speaker options before making a purchase. Lighting, radar and Bluetooth solutions and much more are also available to touch and experience.
SoundsGood Auto

A fully interactive display allows clients to audition the speaker solutions available for their vehicle.

In 2012, McCumber had the chance to purchase a competitor’s store in Burnaby. He jumped on the opportunity and persuaded several of the staff members to become a part of his team. He has equipped that 3,300-square-foot location with similar interactive displays to ensure that clients are comfortable with their purchase options.

SoundsGood Auto

The Burnaby SoundsGood location is also equipped with interactive displays to give clients the full experience of solution options.

McCumber mentioned that both SoundsGood stores are set up to take potential clients on a tour of the facility. From the showroom, he or a member of his staff can show them the fabrication area and the installation bays. Going behind the scenes builds trust in the company’s solutions.

The fabrication areas in each store are roughly 450 square feet. Each is equipped with a large table saw, multiple router lifts, an upholstery area and dedicated sanding/finishing space with integrated dust collection. In addition, SoundsGood recently invested in a laser to fabricate intricate components for custom installations.
Product Training Delivers Unbeatable Results
McCumber tells us that he hand-selects his team members, and he bases his hiring decisions primarily on a person’s potential. Everyone at the stores is passionate about car audio. They have aftermarket systems in their cars and trucks and they genuinely enjoy working in the mobile enhancement industry. The company’s core values are Reputation, Transparency and Family. These guiding principles apply to interactions with clients and among staff members as well.
Behind the scenes, McCumber puts a huge focus on education. Ongoing and frequent product, installation and customer service training is key to SoundsGood Auto’s success. Just as Olympians dedicate hundreds or thousands of hours a year to perfecting their skills, staff members attend training sessions that allow them to deliver better solutions to their clients. Everyone in the company dedicates themselves to understanding the features and benefits of the products they sell, and how best to integrate those options into a client’s car, truck, SUV, RV, boat, bus or motorcycle. SoundsGood occasionally invites staff from other shops in the area over for manufacturer training sessions. This may seem counterintuitive, but in truth, it elevates the entire mobile enhancement industry. Many staff members also attend training at industry events and facilities across North America each year to learn new skills and processes.
SoundsGood Auto

Cool and classic car owners trust the team at SoundsGood Auto to deliver amazing audio and convenience solutions.

All About Sound

SoundsGood credits much of its success to a focus on delivering reliable solutions that sound amazing. The brands carried are based on performance, value, reliability and warranty. As an example, McCumber pointed out that Kenwood radios “just work. They have every feature a client could ever need.” SoundsGood also sells Sony, Pioneer and Clarion source units. For amplifiers, it offers ARC Audio, AudioControl, Audison, Focal, Gladen, JL Audio, Mosconi and MTX. Subwoofers from ARC Audio, Audiofrog, Audiomobile, Audison, Focal, JL Audio and MTX are well stocked at each store.
For speakers, Audiofrog, Audison, Focal and JL Audio are at the top of the SoundsGood list and available to audition. Integrating a properly configured and calibrated digital signal processor into its clients’ audio systems is one of SoundsGood Auto’s specialties. They use ARC Audio, AudioControl, JL Audio and Mosconi hardware for these applications. Remote car starters and security systems are from Compustar. K40 radar detectors and laser defense solutions help prevent speeding tickets for those with a lead right foot. Last but certainly not least, accessories and supporting brands like iDatalink, NAV-TV, Wavtech, Crux, Rydeen, iConnects and Rostra help them to deliver solutions that work as though the vehicle manufacturers created them.
SoundsGood Auto

Water- and weather-resistant source units, speakers and subwoofers are a big part of business at SoundsGood Auto.

Marketing Helps Tell the Story

McCumber and the SoundsGood Auto team have a unique approach to marketing their solutions. They do everything from videos on social media to large sound-off events at their Coquitlam store for clients and like-minded enthusiasts. Social media is a big part of their work, and they try to share content on a regular basis to educate and inform potential clients about their products and services.
If you live in the Vancouver area and are shopping for audio, convenience or safety upgrades for your car, truck or motorcycle, drop by SoundsGood Auto in Coquitlam or Burnaby. You can learn more about the company by visiting its website, and be sure to follow them on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.
Article from BestCarAudio

How LED headlights can increase your visibility

Led headlights are the future that car lighting was waiting for. LED lighting is not only bright but it is power-saving and economical. LED lighting functions under a completely different concept from filament lighting. This is because the principle behind LED lighting is that when an electric current passes through diodes that produce light. This process is more precise and requires less power. Filament lighting which was the initial type of lighting in headlights before the invention of LED headlights depended on an electric current passing through a filament of high resistance. The resistance resulted in the production of light.

As opposed to filament headlights, LED headlights are brighter and produce white crystal-clear light that is best for driving. LED headlights have been embraced by many and they are the new way of lighting even for vehicles that were originally designed with filament headlights. LED headlights produce clear white light that is bright and here is how it increases visibility.

LED headlights are brighter than filament headlights

The concept of LED is that light passes through diodes and as a result the diodes glow to produce bright white light. As you may already know, white light is brighter than yellow light that is produced by filament bulbs. Apart from that, the white light produced is clearer and it can be easily interpreted by the brain which makes it precisely identify the object that the light falls on. Studies show that your brain interprets objects faster when white light falls on as compared to other forms of light. Headlights equipped with Light Emitting Diodes make it easier for your brain to interpret objects which as a result increases visibility.

LED headlights offer more clarity

White light is clearer than other forms of light and therefore it is better suited for vehicle lighting. It is for this reason that many vehicle manufactures are now manufacturing vehicles with LED headlights. If your car isn’t designed with LED headlights, you don’t have to worry because they are now available for sale. The best thing about LED lighting is that it is crystal clear. The beam is rich in light rays and these rays stay together for longer. According to science, when divergent light moves from a source, the rays of light move apart from one another. The case is different for LED lighting because the beam stays closer since it’s a beam rich in light rays. As a result, it is brighter and therefore clearer. This richness in lights rays and its concept of light production is what makes LED lighting increase your visibility. Check out all of our replacement headlights Check them out!

SoundsGood Auto