Focal FRAK K2M Tweeter


$897.02 USD

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1 1/4” (32CM) TWEETER

A revolution in in-car audio, the FRAK tweeter is a Focal exclusive. With a unique frequency response, it has an ‘M’-profile aluminium/magnesium cone and incorporates patented technologies to give your system unprecedented dynamics. Aluminium makes it possible to obtain a rigid cone for good frequency lowering, while magnesium provides superb damping and, by its lightness, allows the tweeter to perform brilliantly in the extreme treble. The Frak tweeter is a perfect pairing with the other products from the K2 Power M range, delivering pure, hi-fi, in-car sound.

With these active K2 Power M products, you can build your own “à la carte” audio system, to create the system you really want. These powerful products are also ultra compact for easy installation into all cabins.


  • Exclusive 'M'-profile aluminium cone
  • Full-range tweeter
  • Active product
  • Frequency response: 600 Hz – 32 kHz