Audiofrog A600.1D

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      Sometimes great products are the result of a new invention - a new technological advancement that unlocks performance, features or applications never before possible. We have people like Henry Ford and the Wright Brothers to thank for those kinds of advancements.

      More often, great products are the result of painstaking attention to detail and optimization of existing technology - someone got a whole bunch of stuff right - and the results are amazing. Audiofrog HiFi Class-D amplifiers are an example of the latter - Class-D done right.

      Class-D amplifiers haven’t always been great. Early versions, which debuted nearly 30 years ago were fraught with problems: noise, instability, distortion were three significant shortcomings. The promise of class-D - smaller chassis and higher efficiency were always at the forefront but audio performance never quite approached that of Class-A or even Class-AB. Now, there are Class-D amplifiers that rival the best performers in any class.

      Thanks to a host of features and that painstaking attention to detail and optimization, Audiofrog HiFi Class-D amplifiers provide the high power, low noise and low distortion performance audio enthusiasts expect in small and rugged chassis that are easy to install and can be made to fit nearly anywhere.


    • Power Output @ 4 Ohm: 450 Watts x 1 Channel
    • Power Output @ 2 Ohm: 600 Watts x 1 Channel

    • THD @ Rated Power: 0.1%
    • THD @ 20% of Rated Power: 0.02%

    • Signal to Noise Ratio @ 1 Watt: 80dB
    • Signal to Noise Ratio @ Rated Power: 108dB

    • Frequency Response (=/- 1dB): 10 Hz - 400 Hz

    • Damping Factor @ 4 Ohm: >600

    • Input Type: Differential
    • Input Sensitivity (Line Level Inputs): 0.5 Vp - 10 Vp
    • Maximum Input Voltage (Speaker Level Inputs): 30 Vp
    • Input Impedance (Line Level Inputs): 10 kOhm
    • Input Impedance (Speaker Level Inputs): 1.2 kOhm

    • Turn On Modes: Signal Sense, 6 V Offset Detect, Remote Turn On
    • Signal Sensing Turn On Threshold (Line Level Inputs): 45 mVp
    • Signal Sensing Turn On Threshold (Speaker Level Inputs): 800 mVp

    • Crossover Filter Slope: 12 dB/Oct
    • Crossover Filter Type: Bandpass, Highpass, None
    • Crossover Frequency Ranges: HP: 5 Hz - 40 Hz; LP: 50 Hz - 500 Hz

    • Phase Control: 0° - 180°
    • Bass Boost @ 45 Hz: 0 - 15dB

    • Quiescent Current Draw: 0.9 A
    • Maximum Current Draw: 60 A
    • Required Power Line Fuse: 60 A

    • Dimensions (mm): 210 x 126 x 32
    • Dimensions (inches): 8-17/64 x 4-61/64 x 1-17/64

AF-RLC Remote Level Control (Sold Separately):

      The AF-RLC remote level control is compatible with the A600.1D amplifier. The RLC is connected to the amplifier using an attached RJ-15 phone cord. When attached, the RLC will allow the user to vary the level of the subwoofer amplifier between the level setting on the control panel and infinite attenuation.

    One RLC can control more than one A600.1D amplifier and through a unique feature called RLC-Sync, the level of all of the connected amplifiers will be synchronized (within about 1dB) with the amplifier that has the lowest control panel level setting.