Convenient and Reliable Remote Car Starters - Expertly Installed by SoundsGood Auto

Convenient and Reliable Remote Car Starters - Expertly Installed by SoundsGood Auto

Keith Mccumber
Introducing the ultimate addition to any vehicle - remote car starters! At SoundsGood Auto, we've been selling and installing remote car starters for as long as the category has existed. But what sets us apart from other shops is that we take the time to get to know you and your vehicle. We want to understand how you use your vehicle on a daily basis, so we can offer you a product that suits your needs perfectly.

One crucial question to consider is how you use your vehicle. Do you use it for work, school, or to shuttle your children to their weekly activities? We take all these factors into account when offering you a solution. You want a remote car starter that can work from any environment, whether it's at work, school, a store, out to dinner, or even at church.

We stock a complete selection of remote starters with three basic technologies. One-way systems work like the factory keyless entry system in your vehicle. Two-way systems take convenience to the next level, with confirmation back to your remote control once the command is executed. Smartphone-based systems harness the power of the Internet and your phone to give you the ultimate in convenience and control.

Our remote car starters come with options such as activating your rear window defogger, heated seats, and disabling the wiper system to protect against damage.

At SoundsGood Auto, we're committed to providing you with not only the most reliable and best-performing remote car starters but also world-class installation. Our technicians receive ongoing training throughout the year and are regarded as some of the finest installers in Canada. They can seamlessly integrate your remote starter with your vehicle's modern networking systems.

For product manufacturers, we also offer Compustar iDatalink, a fully integrated remote start solution that allows you to control your vehicle through your smartphone. With advanced features such as real-time GPS tracking and alarm system notifications, you can enjoy the ultimate in security and peace of mind.