Audiofrog GS8ND2

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      Is it a subwoofer? A woofer? A Midbass driver? It's all three.

      Audiofrog’s all new GS8ND2 is deisgned as a shallow mount subwoofer for use in applications in which space is at a premium. Many shallow mount subs are designed to minimize mounting depth, but compromise excursion capability in the process. Often, the sealed box volume requirements are too large to fit the application.

      At Audiofrog, we recognize that the application for a shallow subwoofer is a small sealed box. Small sealed boxes require subwoofers with plenty of excursion potential. The GS8ND2 provides 10mm of linear one-way excursion for great performance in sealed boxes as small as a quarter cubic foot. The GS8ND2 is also a stellar performer in a vented box as small as a half cubic foot.

      For OE replacement applications, the GS8ND2 is also a great choice for underseat enclosures in BMWs, Front-Bass replacements in Mercedes-Benz or in factory-provided vented and sealed boxes in the quarter panels of SUVs. The GS8ND2 will also work in an OE infinite baffle application.

      If you're building a custom system in which you need an 8" midbass or in which there's no room for a subwoofer and the front speakers have to be full range, the GS8ND2 is a great choice.

      How can one little woofer do all of this? It's been carefully designed and engineered. A conventional overhung motor with plenty of excursion ensures great performance in a small sealed box. Carefully chosen free air resonance (Fs) makes building a small vented box with a reasonable port length possible. The copper shorting ring reduces distortion and extends the high frequeny response for smooth and powerful midbass up to 300Hz.

      Simply put, the GS8ND2 does what no other 8" can.

    • Fiberglass Cone - Remains rigid through useable frequency range
    • Neodymium Magnet - Reduces mounting depth and weight
    • Vented Polepiece and Magnetic Gap - Reduces mechanical noise
    • Flat Spider - Reduces distortion
    • Copper Shorting Ring - Reduces distortion and improves midbass

    • Power Handling (Continuous Average): 250 Watts
    • Power Handling (Music): 500 Watts
    • Recommended Amplifier RMS Power Range: 100 Watts to 400 Watts
    • Nominal Impedance: 1 Ohm or 4 Ohm
    • Sensitivity (2.83V/1M): 91dB
    • Frequency Response (-3 dB): 30Hz - 300Hz
    • Xmax (Linear 1-Way): 10mm

    • Mounting Depth: 78mm (3-1/16")
    • Mounting Height: 11mm (7/16")
    • Overall Diameter: 208mm (8-3/16")
    • Cut-Out Diameter: 178mm (7")
    • Bolt Hole Circle Diameter: 197mm (7-3/4")
    • Basket Displacement: 0.47 Litre (0.017 cu.ft.)

Recommended Enclosures:
  • Sealed Box Subwoofer or Midbass: 7-11 Litres ( 0.25-0.4 cu. Ft.)
  • Vented Box Subwoofer: 15-21 Litres (0.5-0.75 cu.ft.)
  • Infinite Baffle Subwoofer: With 29Hz 12dB/oct. high pass filter
  • Infinite Baffle Midbass: With appropriate high pass filter