Learn About Vehicle Security

When we hear the term “car alarm,” we all think of noise making pains in the ass instead of
protecting your personal product in your car. We specialize in vehicle security, not car alarms.
What is the difference? A car alarm is what we use. Vehicle security is in the installation
Founded in 2005, we look at how a thief would break into your vehicle and how we can thwart
it. It’s been the cornerstone of SoundsGood’s growth. There are so many options for this that
we always ask you to visit us so that we can inspect your vehicle so that we can create a custom
protection package for you and your needs.
Fleet Management and Asset Protection are just more options that we offer to keep your
property safe.
Other options that we use to protect you from loss is: GPS Tracking, Dash Cameras, and Security



We have a fantastic team of experts here at SoundsGood Auto. No matter what you are looking for our local experts can install a car security system, car audio system, or even a backup camera for you. Call today and let's discuss all of your options. 


Available options for our remote start & security systems

Here is a list of available features & options that you can include with your purchase. Some of these are vehicle
dependent & some are even included within our packages. Contact us for more details.