Learn About LED Lighting

Learn About LED Lighting

No matter what you are driving, our lighting experts at SoundsGood Auto can install the latest in LED technology and make your vehicle even safer at night. Want accent lighting in your RV, boat or around your customer subwoofer enclosure? No problem, stop in or get a quote here. 


More Light Output Makes Driving Safer


The main reason to upgrade your headlights is to improve the total amount of light output so you can see farther down the road. You could upgrade from a 55-watt or 60-watt halogen to a 100-watt bulb to gain output, but you run the risk of the added heat damaging the reflector and lens assembly. A better choice is a high-quality LED upgrade. Light output can increase from around 500-550 lux to well over 700 lux while maintaining a safe beam pattern and cutoff in a projector application. You can also experience an increase of 100-150% in some reflector housings.


LED Provides Instant Light Output


If you compare how fast an LED reaches full output after being turned on to how long it takes for an HID or halogen bulb to light up, you’ll see why this is an important feature. LED bulbs reach full intensity almost instantly. Their instant output is one of the reasons they’re so popular for turn signals and marker lights. LED bulbs can also be used in dual-bulb applications as a high beam where instant response is needed when you want to flash the light quickly.

Here at SoundsGood Auto we offer a vast selection of lighting products that will make you stand out.

  • LED Headlights
  • Interior LED Accent Lighting
  • RV Lighting
  • Marine Lighting
  • PowerSports Lighting
  • Under Vehicle Lighting 

Not sure what product you need? Contact a SoundsGood Auto expert and sign up for a free consultation. Not only do we offer LED Lighting but offer car audio products such as car audio speakers, car audio amplifiers and the latest in car audio carplay.