Vehicle Security

Stolen Vehicles: a thing of the Past?
As technology creates an easier way to enjoy our lives, thieves find ways to mess with it.
The newest criminal tech allows these people to make a new key for your car by accessing your CANBUS system (your vehicle's computer network), much like the manufacturer or dealership would if you needed a new key.
Once they have replicated a key, they simply drive away like they own it. They send it to a chop-shop or a shipping container, and you never see it again.
Thank God for insurance! Except they are the next thieves to take advantage of an awkward situation.
Aftermarket companies have found ways to circumvent vehicular theft as the better mouse trap becomes a thing again. No, it's not that noisy thing that you heard in the 90's, driving your cat up the wall in the middle of the night. It's a silent but deadly bypass that alerts you to the goings-on from these brazen bastards. We thwart the thieves and alert you at the same time. We also give you a remote starter with incredible range and a low battery warning as well.