Zone Defense

Zone Defense, LLC has been an industry leader in the development, engineering, and manufacturing of advanced vision systems for the automotive and fleet industries for over 15 years. Our dedication to building cutting edge vision technology has resulted in a complete toolbox of advanced fleet vision tools.

As a manufacturer, Zone Defense, provides quality products at research and development turn-around times that are twice as fast as the industry standard. We work closely with OEM truck builders, up-fitters and other fleet safety and technology service providers to ensure a seamless integration of each component.

Our family of fleet vision technology products include:

  • A robust line of vehicle cameras and monitors that support a single reverse camera, multi-camera configurations, and 360 degree around-view vision systems. All camera and monitors we manufacture are completely interchangeable, allowing customers to expand their vision systems easily and at any price range. We offer multiple camera designs and viewing angles to meet specific vehicle type needs. Our monitors come standard with turn signal and reverse mode switching, eliminating the need to install extra switch boxes.
  • Dash Cameras and Event Mobile Digital Recording systems that provide the flexibility to determine what events are recorded, how they are delivered, and where they are delivered. These systems also provided functionality above and beyond typical MDVR systems including self-monitoring system health checks, driver inspection reporting, motion trigger capability, and driver bookmark capability to allow the driver to note an event that is not automatically triggered.
  • Video on-demand services allow customers to watch their drivers in real-time with Zone Defense Cloud Services.
  • Advanced Driver Assistant Systems (ADAS) and real-time driver coaching tools that alert drivers to dangerous behaviors as they are happening. These alerts include: driving above posted speed limit, stop sign infractions, school zone speed breaches, incorrect lane change maneuvers, and more.
  • Asset management tracking devices are available for vehicles, trailers, shipping containers, and even items as small as a tool box. These devices allow you to monitor your device from any computer with internet access, smartphone, or tablet. In addition, users can define when to send alerts including low battery, geofence, motion sensing, tampering, or integrate with other external sensors.
  • An array of specifically engineered cables and connections that allow Zone Defense products to integrate with other cameras, monitors, telematic service providers, and much more. 

Zone Defense systems are installed on thousands of fleets ranging from first responder, waste, busses, delivery, transport, rail and construction vehicles to name a few.

Our systems are sold through certified resellers, up-fitters, and OEM’s at both the truck builder level and through various technology partners including the most well-known telematic service providers. Please contact our Fleet Safety Experts to receive a quote or to discuss which systems would best fit your fleet safety needs.