What do you need to know about Remote Car Starters?

Canadians understand the struggle of sitting in a freezing car on a cold, wet winter morning waiting for it to heat up. It is an uncomfortable part of our commutes, but it can be avoided altogether. A remote starter lets you start your engine from outside of your vehicle. You can use this device to warm your car on cold winter mornings or even to cool it on hot summer days.

How does it work?

Remote starters are complex devices that must be installed by a professional, especially with today’s complex vehicles. A standard remote starter system has three main components:

  1. A module or controller installed inside of the vehicle.
  2. A remote attached to your car key that is used to start the car.
  3. An integration module the “talks” to your car’s computers

The modules and remote work together to start the engine of your car, allowing the heating & defrost or air conditioning to turn on with it.

Most of these work within a distance between 1,500 to 3,000 feet while more advanced systems can work as far as 3 miles. As well as starting your car, some models can also unlock your doors, pop the trunk, warm your seats, and even let you use your phone as a controller for the ultimate range.

These systems work through radio frequency. The modules are connected to the car’s ignition system, computers and other startup mechanisms. When the start button is pressed on the remote, a signal is sent to the modules to turn the engine on. The radio signal is unique for each model, so you do not have worry about anyone else being able to start your system remotely.

Is it safe?

Remote car starters are compatible with most cars, including luxury models, hybrids, diesels, and even manual transmissions. Installing this system will not affect your vehicle’s manufacturer’s warranty either.

There are also remote car starters with security features in place that prevent it from being driven. The second someone touches the brakes to change gears; opens the hood, the car will turn off. Your steering wheel will remain locked as well until your key is present.

Can I install it myself?

It is best to leave this task to the pros. The qualified technicians at SoundsGood Auto have years of experience installing remote starters into the complexity of today’s vehicles and will make sure your system works perfectly. Call today to have your remote starter installed correctly.