Waterproof Car Stereo Systems

waterproof car stereo system on table

Car stereo systems are an important part of the driving experience: they allow you to sit back and enjoy your favorite tunes while you’re cruising. That’s fine if you’re sitting inside of a car with the windows up, but what if rain gets in your car? What if you’re in a vehicle that isn’t fully covered, like an ATV or a boat?

In this article, we’ll answer some commonly asked questions about stereo systems and water.

Are Car Stereo Systems Waterproof?

Car stereo systems usually aren’t waterproof. If you have a convertible or a sunroof, it’s recommended that you don’t leave it open when it rains, as this can quickly ruin the system. While it may be possible to fix the system, it’s usually cheaper to simply buy a new one.

Are ATV Speakers Waterproof?

Because ATVs are exposed to the outside elements, they’re obviously more exposed to rain. And even if you don’t purposely drive them in the rain, weather is unpredictable: there’s a chance you may get caught in the rain.

This question really has two different components:

1) Are there any good waterproof ATV speakers on the market today?

2) Will water wear the mounting down over time?

Yes, ATV speakers are usually waterproof. Powersport sound systems are designed differently than car systems, to account for the wear and tear speakers are more likely to face when exposed.

As for getting waterproof mounting, you want to make sure you choose a stereo installation company you can trust: one that uses stainless steel fasteners and composites.

Do Stereo Systems Have Different Levels of Protection Against Water Damage?

Yes, there are two major kinds of protection from water: the first is “water resistance,” the second is “waterproof”. If a stereo is water resistant, it’ll be able to handle a bit of rain or a spill. Essentially, it’s designed to give you time to protect the system if you’re accidentally caught in the rain.

Waterproof systems, on the other hand, are designed to handle water. They should even be able to get submerged without issue. This level of protection against water is usually found with marine speakers, which are used on boats.

Please keep in mind that different manufacturers have different standards, when it comes to “water resistant” and “waterproof”. This means one manufacturer’s sound system will be better protected against water damage than another manufacturer’s system. When in doubt, it’s best to ask experts who work with a variety of different audio systems.

Waterproof Car Stereo Installation in Vancouver

At Sound Proof Auto, we help a variety of drivers ensure that they have the vehicle equipment they need. Whether you’re an individual who wants a state-of-the-art sound system or a fleet owner who needs to install GPS devices on all your vehicles, we’re here for you. We’ve helped people just like you find the right stereo.

You can find out more about our ATV speaker installation here and our marine audio here. Contact us today to get your free installation quote.