Top 5 Best Gifts for your Graduating Car Lover

Graduation season is upon us. If you have a child, relative or friend who is a car lover and they are either graduating high school or post-secondary school; you need to give them a great gift to show how proud of them you are. There is nothing better to give a car lover then something that will make their car safer to drive, amp up their sound system, light up their vehicle or make it easier to get out of the driveway in the morning. At SoundsGood Auto, we offer many products that will be the perfect gift for your graduating car lover! Take a look below at the top five best gifts to give at graduation.


Whether the person you are buying a grad gift for needs better visibility or wants to trick out their ride with the best interior lighting, SoundsGood Auto has the best lighting solutions! For exterior lighting, we offer High Intensity Discharge (HID) light bulbs that are a huge upgrade over the stock bulbs that most vehicles come equipped with. Our HID bulbs will fit every make and model of any car or truck, and they are street legal, giving you the best visibility while you are driving, especially on the back roads of Western Canada.

We also offer a variety of interior LED lighting options that will give any vehicle an outstanding accent. Interior LED lighting is a great gift idea for anybody who is graduating because they can spend their summer cruising around with interior lighting that matches their mood. Our LED lights can be customized to shine any colour of light to set the mood. They can use soft coloured lights to relax after a long day, or brighter colours to get excited about the day ahead of them.

Backup Cameras

Backup camera technology has improved so fast over the past decade; you can now get a backup camera that can look 360 degrees around your vehicle!

If the person you are buying a graduation present for doesn’t already have a backup camera, we recommend getting them a universal backup camera. These cameras can be installed into any type of vehicle and there are many mounting styles you can choose from. A backup camera is a great gift because it allows the driver to see behind them much easier and safer without having to buy a brand new car that features an advanced backup camera system.

Audio System

Buying a new audio system as a graduation gift is one of the best decisions you can make! Since the summer is just around the corner, a new sound system will allow your recent grad the chance to listen to their favourite music as they celebrate their success (at a respectable noise level, of course!).

SoundsGood Auto is a Vancouver’s International Auto Sound Challenge (IASCA) dealer, which means we can customize a sound system for any type of vehicle to suit the driver’s needs. We are very passionate about giving every client the best audio experience and we pride ourselves on how we create and install different sound systems to deliver the best sounds you have ever heard!

Security Systems

At SoundsGood Auto, not only do we care about how your vehicle looks and sounds, but we also care about your security. If the person you are buying a graduation gift for doesn’t have a reliable security system (or not security system at all), then you need to get them the best car security system you can find in the Lower Mainland.

We take protecting cars from thieves seriously. Our vehicle security systems are expertly installed and can be customized to fit the specific needs of every type of vehicle and driver. We want to ensure you have the peace of mind that your vehicle is always safe, that is why we offer a lifetime warranty on all of our security system products!

Remote starter

Vancouver can throw out any type of unexpected weather, especially during the summer and winter months. The worst part about driving is when you enter your car that is either too cold in the winter or too hot in the summer. With a remote starter, you can start your car from the comfort of your home to allow it to cool down or warm up before you hit the road.

If you buy a remote starter as a gift to somebody who is graduating, they will be smiling ear to ear because they will love not having to brave the extreme elements before their vehicle is a comfortable temperature.

If you are looking for the best present for a car loving soon-to-be graduate, then look no further than SoundsGood Auto. We offer everything listed above and so much more to make any vehicle looking good, staying safe, and become more comfortable to drive!