Tips to get the best sound quality in your car

Many people do not realize how often they use their car’s stereo system and put up with mediocre sound as a result. Chances are you use your car speakers during your daily commute and also while you are running errands. The best sound systems rely on high-quality equipment and expertise. There are simple improvements we can make that will enhance the audio experience in your car.

Replace the speakers

The speakers are one of the last components a manufacturer considers when designing a vehicle. Audio systems direct from the factory have improved over time, but even premium systems use cheaper amps and speakers that do not deliver the best quality of sound. There are aftermarket speakers available that will let you hear higher highs, lower lows and everything in between. You will be able to decipher details in songs you have listened to for years but never noticed.

Download higher-quality files

You can store more music on your music player, but if you compress the file, you will lose some of the quality by doing so. On a high-quality car audio system, you can notice the difference more than on a standard audio system. If you are using your MP3 player or phone in your car to play music, do not settle for standard quality music. If you stream music, make sure your settings are set to a higher resolution.

Use sound deadening materials

A door panel is not the best place for speakers because as the music plays, the thin metal in the door vibrates creating noise. Attaching deadening material creates a stable platform so that there is not metal rattling. These materials also lower interior noise levels so that you do not have to turn your music up when you are driving faster.

Add a car amp

No matter how good your speakers are, you will only get the best performance out of them with a quality amplifier. An amplifier is crucial for getting the most out of high-quality speakers. Many cars come with the amplifier built into the radio, but the fidelity of these “BTL” amplifiers is limited.

Add an equalizer or signal processor

Glass and plastic surfaces reflect sound, while seat covers and carpet absorb it. Those factors paired with factory placed speakers can cause ear fatigue with boomy bass and shrill upper frequencies. An outboard equalizer lets you iron out these peaks in your system. Sound processors can help you analyze your car’s acoustics and also eliminate sound peaks.

Add a subwoofer

Adding a subwoofer will balance the lower frequencies of your music. It can also take a load off your speakers since you will be playing your music with a bass set to zero instead of plus five.

Get a better sub box

Make sure your sub box has no air leaks in it as it will disrupt its performance. It is also vital to ensure the box has the correct interior volume for your sub or you will end up with poor performance.

Electrical Compliance

Your vehicle’s manufacturer likely did not have the extra current draw for quality subs in mind when they designed your car. We ensure continued happiness between what your car was designed for and the aftermarket items that we install for you. Your warranty is never in jeopardy with us

For all your custom car audio needs, contact SoundsGood Auto, and we will make sure your tunes sound perfect while you cruise.