State of the Art Mobile Video

Entertain the Whole Family With a Mobile Video System

Enjoying a mobile video entertainment system from Vancouver’s SoundsGood Auto is easy and fun for all your passengers. If your road trips need a little more to entertain passengers than views of the beautiful Canadian outdoors, we’ve got a complete range of choices to suit every type of vehicle.

Screens to Watch

We offer several choices for mobile video screens to view your programming. Primarily we focus on two areas; replacement headrest screens and overhead “flip down” screens.

  • Replacement Headrest Screens
    Replacement headrest screens come in factory-matched upholstery and have vibrant LCD screens built right in. As these are replacements, they allow your factory headrests to be removed unaffected and can be reinstalled whenever you trade in or sell the vehicle. This is an excellent option for SUVs or sedans where there are frequently two passengers. The separate screens provide an individual video source for each viewer, which keeps each one happy watching what they want to see. There are options available for built-in DVD players or other multimedia source connections depending on what fits your vehicle and budget.
  • Overhead Flip Down Screens
    Overhead flip down mobile video screens attach to the roof support braces and mount up in the headliner behind the front seats. We offer several models that provide factory coloration and fit with existing overhead consoles, but we can also customize just about any overhead unit to appear as if factory installed. The advantage of overhead screens is that they are larger (typically 10” or more) so they provide better viewing in larger vehicles such as Chevrolet Suburban, Ford Expedition, passenger vans and others with multiple passengers all seated differently. The vivid picture in off-axis viewing angles means every seat is a great one. Many units have built in DVD players and other enhanced features such as outputs that can connect to additional screens (such as in the headrest).

Alternative Mobile Video Displays

We also accommodate some of the vehicles that typical mobile electronic shops say are hard to fit. Any newer vehicle with active headrests as part of the factory-installed supplemental restraint system (SRS) cannot typically have those headrests removed. At SoundsGood Auto, we have mobile video screens that are compliant with the factory safety standards and mount to the seat back or the headrest posts. Each application is unique, but it looks and performs as if it was a factory option.

SoundsGood also sells and installs rear view mirrors with built-in video screens. While these are typically used for backup cameras or navigation system inputs, we can configure the video input to the screen in just about any way you wish so long as it complies with BC safe driving laws. Finally, we offer stand alone mobile video screens we can mount just about anywhere in the vehicle whether in the sun visor, rear console, headliner, trunk (for show cars) or the dashboard.

Multimedia Sources of all Types

At SoundsGood Auto we can connect just about any type of multimedia player you can imagine. Traditionally we install mobile DVD players and multimedia in-dash stereos that provide outputs to rear-mounted screens. With multimedia in-dash units, you can access media stored on USB, SD card, DVD and even your Smartphone videos (provided compatible connection cables are installed).

Should you carry in your iPad or other tablet device, we offer mounts that allow them to be placed securely and we can install connections that provide charging and audio outputs.

We also install the requisite connections that allow you to bring in video game consoles such as XBOX, PlayStation and others so your rear seat passengers can keep the gaming fun going on the road. Whatever you need for multimedia source unit installation, we can help you.

Hear the Sound

We can connect the audio portion of your mobile video system to either your car’s sound system, to wireless headphones (for a stand-alone rear seat video system), or we can connect it both ways so you have the choice how to listen. For the young ones playing the child’s DVDs, wireless headphones are perfect. For the movies with amazing sound effects, connection to the car’s audio system makes the movie come alive. It’s all possible at SoundsGood Auto and we’ll be happy to demonstrate the options for you.

Visit Us Today

Stop in and visit either our Coquitlam or Burnaby facilities and allow us to give you a shop tour, discuss a mobile video system that’ll make your vehicle much more enjoyable for you and your passengers. Our thoughtful solutions combined with our world-class, expert installation ensure you’ll have entertainment for everyone on every road trip. We’re not just a car audio shop; we are a world-class Vehicle Enhancement Facility.