Smart Car Project 2017


This car presented a unique challenge. The client wanted big sound in a very tight space. To achieve this, we selected premium components from Focal, Pioneer, iConnects and JL Audio:

For the Front soundstage: Focal K2 Power speakers made their way into the OEM speaker housings and tweeter housings ensuring there were no cosmetic changes to the front of the car.

The Client also wanted Android Auto and currently there is only one solution that fits in a car this size. The Pioneer 3300NEX, with its compact, flip-up screen and integrated backup camera + Satellite radio, was selected as the head unit.

The subwoofer stage was handled by a pair of JL Audio 8″ subwoofers.

Amplification was handled by a pair of Focal Micro amplifiers and all signal processing was done with the iConnects DSP which we fabricated in a custom amp rack under the seat.

With all of this high end gear installed, we had one thing left to do: to protect it all. To do so, we chose the new Compustar 7300 alarm + T11 combo with full vehicle protection.

The end result: an ecstatic client with big sound in a small package!