Safe Driving Tips and Treats for Halloween

Halloween is all about having fun, but that is not always easy for car drivers. Spooky little ghosts and masked creatures stroll about the roads oblivious to the traffic in their excitement. Add to that, masks, makeup and getups make it harder for them to see where there are going. As the days get shorter and nights getting longer and darker, driving conditions are increasingly difficult. With Halloween around the corner, you need to be extra vigilant. Here are a few driving tips to make Halloween a treat for all.  

Driving Tricks for a Safe Halloween

#1: Avoid driving in the bylanes between 6-9pm when the sun sets and the dark creatures of the night go trick or treating. If that’s unavoidable, stay below the speed limit and drive with care.

#2: At all costs, avoid using a cellphone. At any point, a ghoul or witch could pop up in the dark and dart across the road. You cannot afford to be distracted on the phone for even a second.

#3: Be extra cautious when pulling in and out of driveways, even in your own home.

#4: Don’t overtake vehicles that have stopped ahead of you to drop off children.

#5: Yield to children and young pedestrians. Many of them may not know how to cross the street safely. Give them time to walk to the other side before you proceed.

#6: Communicate with other drivers clearly with proper turn signals and change lanes with caution. Use hazard lights if you have to pull over to drop off or pick up your kids.

Vehicle-Enhancement Treats from SoundsGood Auto

Install these invaluable safety features to enhance awareness and drive safely. At SoundsGood Auto, we all of these and many more products. Check out these technological breakthroughs:

  1. Back up cameras and back up sensors: Choose from a variety of back up cameras and sensor systems to increase driver safety. Consult our in-house product specialists to find out the best ones for your vehicle from the options below:
  2. Universal back up camera: Can be installed into any vehicle in a mounting style of your choice. If your car did not come equipped with a factory back up camera, adding a universal backup camera is an easy way to upgrade your vehicle.
  3. Factory-style back up camera: We can install this back up camera to look and operate just like the factory option.  
  4. Surround Cameras: 360 degrees or surround cameras use four cameras to provide a complete view of all sides of the vehicle from every possible angle. This is a great function for large vehicles, lifted vehicles or those with a long hood that obstructs view during parking.
  5. Back up Sensors: Evade dangers with this system uses ultrasonic sensors installed into the rear bumper that springs into action with audible warning beeps and flashing lights that increase in frequency when the vehicle inches closer towards an obstruction.
  6. Blind Spot Warning system: Quite like the back up sensors, blind spot warning systems are mounted on the sides of the rear and sometimes front bumpers to warn of vehicles in your blind spot with audible and visible indications.


  • Forward collision warning (FCW) system
  • Lane departure warning (LDW) system
  • Bluetooth hands-free calling solution

Visit our Coquitlam or Burnaby locations for a shop tour and demonstration of our complete range of driver safety solutions. We’re more than a car audio and alarm shop. We are a world-class vehicle enhancement facility to ensure every driver and pedestrian is safe on the roads.