Remote Car Starters

We Make Vehicles More Comfortable with Remote Car Starter

At SoundsGood Auto, we install many types of remote car starters to make your vehicle more comfortable when you get in, ready to drive. Whether you’re heating the interior in the winter or cooling it in the summer, we can recommend and install the ideal remote car starter system for you.

Our team of experts performs complex installations including:

  • Vehicles with transponder security keys
  • Keyless push-button start ignitions
  • Manual transmissions
  • Commercial Vehicles
  • Recreational Vehicles (RVs)

Our goal is to make sure when you’re ready to get in and drive, you do so in complete comfort.

Benefits of Remote Car Starters

Getting into a comfortably heated (or cooled) car is great, but there are many added benefits of remote car starters that people often overlook:

  • Improved engine performance and lifespan. With a pre-heated engine, lubricants are already brought up to temperature and do their job to protect the engine as you start driving in the cold. A well-lubricated engine lasts longer and performs better.
  • Saved time! Whether it’s extra minutes in your morning routine, finishing up at the office or even keeping the car warm at the grocery store, a remote car starter saves time spent warming (or cooling) the vehicle.
  • Added security. You can remotely lock the doors and keep the keys with you. This means no need to leave your keys in the ignition just to run into the store or to get a quick coffee.
  • Locating your vehicle. Many of our remote car starters use a smartphone app that helps find your vehicle in mall parking lots, airport lots, and other crowded places.

What We Offer

Combined with our skillful installation, our products carry an exceptional lifetime warranty and we provide many options to best match your needs to the right remote starter system and remote control method. We can also combine a remote car starter with additional security system features to further enhance your peace-of-mind, knowing your car is safe and secure.

Safety Features

Safety is our number one priority when it comes to our clients. We provide a safe, professional installation that keeps the system from engaging accidentally or working improperly. Here are some of the safety features we integrate into your remote car starter system:

  • Doors Locked – All of the doors remain locked in our remote car starter systems until the driver chooses to unlock them. This means no unauthorized entrants into the vehicle, including children or potential thieves.
  • Engine RPM Monitoring – Our remote car starter systems monitor engine RPMs to provide confirmation the vehicle starts and does not over rev the engine. In the event, the vehicle does not start on the first try and all other safety inputs are okay, the remote starter system automatically makes 2 more subsequent attempts until it does start.
  • Engine Compartment Monitoring – Our remote car starters do not allow the engine to start when the engine compartment is open. If the engine were to start, bodily injury to eyes, face, arms, hands or other body parts from belts, radiator hoses, moving parts, etc. could occur, so we ensure that can’t happen.
  • Disable Engine if Foot Brake is used – If the foot brake is pressed and the key is not inserted in the ignition (or transmitter in range on push-to-start cars), our remote car starters will shut down the engine. This prevents unauthorized use because the vehicle has not been ‘told’ by the system that an authorized user with a key (or transmitter) is behind the wheel.

Remote Control Options

We offer 1-way and 2-way RF remote key fob remote controls in many styles. We offer also offer thin, compact, stylized options that easily fit in your pocket. The benefit of a 2-way model is that it will provide confirmation of the vehicle starting, doors locking, etc. Should you have a companion security system as part of the remote starter, a 2-way remote will also alert you to any activity that sets off the system which could include the opening of a door, impact or glass sensors, or any number of other trigger points we connect. Typical RF remotes have a range up to 1 km, much higher than factory key fob remotes which are typically limited to 30-40 meters.

Many of our remote starters also can be controlled from anywhere in the world via your smartphone. This is available for iOS (Apple®) or Android™ devices. Using a smartphone app provides added features such as status updates (check the vehicle’s temperature, confirm doors are locked, etc.) and real-time GPS tracking.

This system works through existing cellular networks. As long as your vehicle’s security system is within range of a network, you can control it from anywhere in the world with your phone.

Consider Adding Security

As experts in vehicle security, we can integrate additional security features to just about any remote car starter system we offer. Check out our Vehicle Security page for more information about the solutions we provide.

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