Radar Detectors and LIDAR Jamming

The staff at SoundsGood Auto in Burnaby and Coquitlam know that getting a speeding ticket is a thoroughly unpleasant experience. Whether you didn’t notice the reduced speed sign in a school zone or out were out for a spirited drive in your sports car, the police are always watching. The team at Soundsgood Auto aren’t just radar detector and LIDAR jammer experts, most of us are car guys and love driving. This combination of passion for all things automotive and our experience and training make us the best choice in the Vancouver area to design and install a radar detectors or laser jammer system in your car or truck.

How do Radar Detectors Work?

Radar signals are very similar to the technology used for FM radio but operate at much higher frequencies. The radar gun sends out a burst of high-frequency energy pulses and looks for some of that signal to be reflected by your vehicle. This reflection causes a shift in the frequency of those reflected pulses that the radar gun translates into a speed measurement. The radar detectors we offer at SoundsGood are designed to detect these energy pulses to let you know that there are police around.

What is Police LIDAR?

LIDAR works the same was as radar but uses light pulses for better accuracy. Police can pick out a single vehicle even in dense traffic on Barnet Highway or the Number 1 at more than 300 meters away. Our LIDAR jamming solutions from Radenso detect these laser signals and transmit a scrambled signal back to the gun so that it won’t register a reading. Within a few seconds of the alert, you can slow down and cancel the jamming transmission so that the officer can take a measurement of you traveling at a legal speed.

Why Do You Need A Radar Detector?

Using a Radar Detector isn’t a license to speed. Sometimes we miss seeing a speed limit sign as we drive into a new town or get caught while passing a slow-moving truck on the highway. The K40 radar detector and Radenso LIDAR jamming systems we sell are the perfect reminders for those moments when we find ourselves going a little faster than we should be.

The Importance of Proper Installation

Whether you are after a portable radar and laser detector like the K40 RLS2 or want the cleanliness and convenience of a custom installed solution like the RL360di with a Radenso RC M Antilaser Priority Defense system, our expertly trained technicians will ensure the products you choose are integrated into your vehicle perfectly. Proper installation and configuration are crucial to long-range radar signal detection and LIDAR jamming performance.

Visit the Radar and Police Laser Experts at SoundsGood Auto Today!

If you are interested in a radar detector or LIDAR jammer, drop by our location in Coquitlam or Burnaby and speak with one of our experts. They will happily qualify your needs and suggest a solution to make your commute or road trip safe and efficient. Remember, at SoundsGood Auto, we’re not just a car audio shop; we are a world-class Vehicle Enhancement Facility.