Burnaby 1997 Honda Prelude Show Car Gets Audio Upgrade


At SoundsGood Auto Services we do more than just install radios.  For clients like the owner of this 1997 Honda Prelude show car, we help make dreams come true!  Every show car needs a hot trunk setup to display at shows, and this Prelude was no exception.  The client came to us wanting to finish off his show car with a jaw dropping trunk.  His hopes were to one day have the car featured in PASMag.  We were happy to help!  We built a custom enclosure to house his two Polk Audio subwoofers.  The basket and motor assembly are so nice on those woofers, we decided to mount them inverted, to show them off.  To mount the amplifiers we used pieces of acrylic, to give them a “floating” look.  We highlighted the acrylic with lighting and our logo.

The trunk did its job, as the car was selected to be featured in PASMag!  The owner was extremely pleased to have his dream come true, thanks to SoundsGood Auto Services.  If you are interested in building your dream system, contact us here to setup an appointment with one of our system consultants.