Why You Should Outfit Your Commercial Fleet with GPS Tracking

Updated: Oct 14

If you’re not already using GPS tracking for your company vehicles, you’re falling behind the times. GPS technology offers immensely valuable data for businesses, which should be all about encouraging productivity and efficiency. Not only are your vehicles a costly investment, but they also require regular additional investments that should be monitored and regulated, just like any other business expense.

Here are four undeniable reasons that GPS tracking needs to become a mainstay in your company.

GPS Tracking Monitors and Protects Your Assets

A GPS, or global positioning system, keeps you informed of a vehicle’s location at all times. Your commercial vehicles are a valuable asset that you entrust to many hired employees. If you are using company vehicles regularly, then you are likely transporting valuable business assets as well. If a vehicle is stolen or lost for any reason, GPS tracking data goes a long way in assisting your business as well as law enforcement to locate company vehicles.

Monitor Speed & Fuel Usage

GPS tracking will allow businesses to monitor the speeds at which your employees are driving. Average speeds also communicate data directly related to average fuel consumption and expenditures. Companies already using GPS tech often set company-wide speed limits. The devices then notify owners of speed limit violations to aid in enforcing driver safety habits. Instating policies mandating that your employees obey regular traffic laws dramatically decreases the likelihood of accidents and promotes driver safety.

Additionally, monitoring speeds and driving routes will allow you to calculate the average fuel consumption per each company driver. The previously policies should eliminate fuel-related issues caused by individual driving habits. Fleetwide problems with excess fuel consumption, however, may indicate that you need to switch to alternative vehicles or address logistical issues.

Help Plan Routes

GPS tracking data is invaluable when determining fuel-friendly routes versus the current efficiency of order fulfillment. GPS data can provide drivers with valuable information regarding the most efficient routes, which translates to increased productivity company-wide. Also, if you’re a part of an industry that accepts and dispatches orders from new clients on the go, a GPS tracker can inform the dispatcher of the closest driver to the desired location.

Maintains Employee Integrity

In an ideal world, all hired employees would use their freedom of movement to stay on task and avoid activities unrelated to the job. GPS tracking monitors employee activity to ensure they stay on task. You will be able to see all locations the vehicle drives to, where they come to a rest, and for how long it stays parked. When employees know that tracking is in place for safety and productivity reasons, they are much more likely to avoid drifting off-task or using your vehicle for unscheduled personal use.

Lowers Insurance Costs

For all of the reasons listed above, regular employment of GPS tracking will likely reduce your insurance premiums for the fleet. Daily monitoring, coupled with policies that enforce safe driver behavior and encourage optimal use of the vehicle, provide insurance companies with peace of mind. The hard data provided by GPS tracking gives your insurance irrefutable proof that your vehicles are utilized safely, which can translate to lower costs.

GPS Tracking Installed by Sounds Good Burnaby and Coquitlam Locations

We know you’re undoubtedly convinced of the merits of GPS tracking tools. SoundsGood Auto proudly offers a variety of commercial and fleet solutions. Not only do we provide business solutions, but we promote a philosophy of driver safety. We also offer a range of keyless door lock systems, remote car starters, car sensor installation, and blind-spot detection system installation near your Vancouver business.

If you’re ready to upgrade your commercial or fleet vehicles, call SoundsGood Auto today at +1 (604) 961-8626 (Coquitlam store) or +1 (604)-676-8100 (Burnaby store). SoundsGood Auto is your only stop for all of your driver safety, vehicle security, and car audio needs. Contact us to get a free consultation today!

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