Distracted Driving Laws in Vancouver: Why You Need a Good Car Audio System

Updated: Oct 14

Many people get car audio systems for their entertainment value: they allow you to get a crisp sound quality while listening to the radio or your favorite playlist. They also serve a more important function, though: the laws for distracted driving in British Columbia are strict and sometimes hard to understand.

In this article, you’ll learn how a car audio system allows you to do many of your favorite things without running afoul of the law. You’ll also learn what you can’t do: even if you’re not using a handheld device to do it.

What Does British Columbia Law Allow Me to Do with a Car Audio System?

Much of the distracted driving law in British Columbia revolves around handheld devices. This means you can’t engage with it in any way. This includes touching it or communicating with it, but it also includes simply looking at the screen or holding it.

Because it’s not a handheld device, you are allowed to use car audio systems like Apple CarPlay or Android Auto as a telephone. If it requires no more than one touch to start or end a call, you’re in the clear.

That said, there are also things you’re not allowed to do with either an audio system or a cellphone. For instance, you can’t write any messages while operating a vehicle. This includes texting and emailing.

This can be confusing, so it’s important to note: if you’re saying the text out loud, as opposed to writing it on your phone before sending it, you’re not running afoul of the law.

Can I Wear Headphones While Driving?

You can’t wear headphones while driving, but there is a catch: you can where one headphone. Essentially, you can put an earpiece in, but once they’re both in, the law considers you a distracted driver.

Generally speaking, it’s easier and safer to simply use a car audio system. You can listen to any music or podcasts you would like to, and you’re in no danger of running afoul of the law.

Can Your Cellphone Be Loose in the Vehicle, or Does It Need to Be Put Away?

For a while, having your cellphone in the vehicle meant you were in danger of getting ticketed. However, a recent case with the Supreme Court of British Columbia stated that this was unfair. Therefore, you are able to have your phone loose in the car. You’ll only get ticketed if you’re using it as a handheld device or you’re listening to it with two earbuds in.

Want to Install a Car Audio System in Vancouver?

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