Motorcycle Audio Upgrades

If you aren’t impressed with the performance of your Harley-David Street Glide or Road Glide Boom! Box sound system drop into SoundsGood Auto in Burnaby or Coquitlam and talk to our motorcycle audio upgrade specialists. With the factory-installed sound systems on motorcycles may have a lot of features, they can’t match the performance of aftermarket sound system. Factory motorcycle radios typically don’t have enough power to play loud enough to drown out an aftermarket exhaust, and the speakers can’t handle the power of a high-quality amplifier. Don’t fret; we can help!

Why You Need More More Amplifier Power on Your Motorcycle

First and foremost, motorcycle sound systems need clean power to ensure the system sounds good, especially at higher volume levels. Amplifiers like the ARC Audio Moto 600.4 were designed from the ground up to be the perfect compliment to your Harley-Davidson. With more an effortless 150 watts available from each of its four channels and an efficient design that extracts the most from the limited electrical system on your bike, there is truly nothing in the industry that can keep up.

Amazing Speakers Deliver Exceptional Clarity

ARC Audio has several speaker options, including the Moto 602 and Moto 692 coaxials that are weather-resistant and can handle long-term exposure to the sun’s UV rays without failure. The new Moto602-HD high-output speakers from ARC Audio are the perfect solution for riders that want to drown out the rowdiest of exhausts and hear their music with amazing clarity and detail.

Vancouver’s Motorcycle Audio Upgrade Experts

Working on a motorcycle takes exceptional patience and attention to detail. We know you take pride in your bike and our expert technicians take the utmost care to ensure your paint and brightwork are protected while we upgrade your audio system. We use blankets to protect the bike and store parts like tanks and fairings on a carpeted rack, well away from the work area.

Vibrations from a big V-twin can wreak havoc on conventional car audio products and installation methods. Our team makes use of solutions designed specifically for the harsh environmental conditions associated with motorcycles. From the way we secure speakers, amplifiers, source units, and wiring to the bike with stainless steel fasteners to how we make electrical connections that are both electrically efficient and mechanically secure – everything we do is optimized to maximize performance and reliability.

If you want dramatically improved sound from your Honda, Victory, Yamaha or Harley-Davidson stereo system, drop by SoundsGood Auto in Burnaby or Coquitlam and talk to one of our mobile audio system design experts.