Light Up Your Vehicle

At SoundsGood Auto we are lighting specialists. We offer a broad range of interior and exterior lighting upgrades to add style and visibility to your vehicle. Whether brighter replacement headlamps, styled exterior or interior lighting, or supplemental lighting for off road conditions, we have what you need to light up your vehicle in a personalized way.

Additional Driving Lights

Should you wish to add additional driving lights to your car or truck, we sell and install a full range of LED driving lights, off road lights and accessory lights that can be mounted on the sides, bottom or rear of the vehicle for very specific driving and weather conditions. We carry only the top-rated brands from manufacturers such as Glare Off-Road and many others. We even install customized exterior lighting packages for UTVs/SSVs, boats, tractors, commercial vehicles and RVs. Let us show you some of our in-store displays to explain just what’s available for your needs. Combined with our expert installation, you’ll be driving with greater visibility and increased safety in no time.

Interior Lighting Enhancements

We have a robust in-store display of interior accent lighting as well as installations performed in many of the store’s demonstration vehicles. Interior accent lighting helps to provide an atmosphere with one or more colour choices that compliment your mood and interior colors or finishes. Use white LED lighting to replace standard incandescent interior lights and give a new car experience. Use brighter LED colors for enhanced visibility or to accent a custom interior. Use softer LED colors to set a relaxed mood that creates the perfect environment for enjoying great audio. It’ll change the character of your vehicle interior. Whatever your choice, we can expertly install your interior lighting enhancements.

Let SoundsGood Show You The Light!

Stop in and visit either our Coquitlam or Burnaby locations and we can give you a shop tour, then we can demonstrate our interior and exterior lighting upgrades to determine what your needs and aspirations are. Whether off road or daily driving, our experienced product specialists provide lighting solutions combined with our world-class expert installation to ensure your driving experience is safe and well lit. We’re not just a car audio shop; we are a world-class Vehicle Enhancement Facility.