Keyless Entry

Lock and Unlock Your Vehicle by Remote

SoundsGood Auto can install a remote keyless entry system into just about any kind of vehicle so that your doors can lock and unlock via remote control. This is almost necessary convenience to which most people have become accustomed. If your vehicle did not come with keyless entry, or lacks power door locks altogether, we can help.

Power Locks but Lacking Remote Control

If your vehicle came with power door locks, but lacks a keychain remote control, SoundsGood Auto can install a cost-effective keyless entry system that provides RF remote control of the vehicle’s power door locks. If you select a multi-button remote transmitter, we can also connect other existing power features in the vehicle such as trunk (or hatch) release, window or sunroof closure, power lift gate closure in SUVs, control of the air ride suspension (lower or raise) and much more. Once we add the power of a remote control, the possibilities to add to it are virtually endless so long as the power feature already exists in the vehicle.

Vehicle Lacks Power Door Locks

If your vehicle lacks power door locks altogether, we can add them. We add high-quality individual door lock motors in each of the vehicle’s doors so that you can easily lock and unlock the vehicle with switches we can place, either in a factory location where they would have resided or in a custom location of your choice. Once we’ve added the power door locks to the vehicle, we can then integrate a keyless entry system to allow control from the RF keychain transmitter.

If you wanted to add other power features the vehicle lacks such as power trunk release or power windows, we can add and integrate those features as well. Owners of classic vehicles often wish to add these modern features and we are experts at modernizing the creature comforts without compromising the look and feel of a classic vehicle. Enquire with our product specialists and we can create a solution just for you.

Custom Keyless Entry Applications

Do you have a customized vehicle with shaved door handles that needs door poppers to open the doors? We can install them and connect to a remote keyless entry system. Do you have a vehicle with an air ride system that would benefit from the ability to dump the air (lower), open the valves (raise) or pump the tank remotely? We can easily provide remote control for your air ride system. Street rods, classic muscle cars, European classics, lowriders and many other types of customized vehicles are very familiar to our expert installation technicians. We can create a comprehensive ‘keyless’ remote controlled solution for just about any electronically activated feature in your special vehicle.

Consider Adding Security or a Remote Car Starter

We can add vehicle security features and/or a remote car starter as an upgrade to just about any remote keyless entry system we offer. Check out our Vehicle Security and Remote Car Starters pages for more information about the robust extent of vehicle security and remote car starter expertise we provide. We are experts in both remote car starters and comprehensive vehicle security systems in addition to our capabilities to add electronic features to cars lacking things like power door locks, windows or trunk release.

Visit Us Today

Stop in and visit either our Coquitlam or Burnaby facilities and allow us to give you a shop tour and discuss a keyless system solution especially for you. We can demonstrate convenient ways to add additional features such as vehicle security and remote car starter functionality. Our thoughtful solutions combined with our world-class, expert installation ensure you’ll have the ideal keyless entry system for your needs. We’re not just a car audio and alarm shop; we are a world-class Vehicle Enhancement Facility.