Maple Ridge Classic Car Owner Gets Impala Audio Upgrade

The Maple Ridge owner of this 1964 Chevrolet Impala is very particular with his car.  He will not let just anyone work on it.  We at SoundsGood Auto Services were very humbled that he chose us for his Impala audio upgrade.  We spent some time discussing the car with the client and came up with a system that would compliment the interior of the car and sound great doing it.  The source unit we chose was a Pioneer single din radio with Bluetooth.  This allows the client to listen to countless music sources.  In the trunk we added 2 Digital Designs 8 inch subwoofers in a custom enclosure.  We added an Impala logo to the acrylic window and backlit it.  The result is a very impressive looking trunk, day or nite. We powered the system with a Precision Power 5 channel amplifier.  To make sure the amplifier got plenty of power we did a “Big Three” wiring upgrade under the hood.

The client was happy he had chosen us to work on his car, as it sounded GREAT!  If you would like to discuss audio upgrades for your classic car, stop by either of our facilities today, or contact us here for more information.