With an immobilizer from SoundsGood Auto, your vehicle can meet minimum Canadian requirements for vehicle theft prevention. Insurance companies require some form of vehicle theft protection and we provide many immobilizer solutions that meet or exceed those requirements. No matter the vehicle, we are your expert resource for immobilizers and many other comprehensive vehicle security solutions that are professionally installed by our experienced technicians.

What an Immobilizer Does

Auto theft costs Canadian insurance companies billions of dollars per year. To mitigate this cost, the compulsory use of immobilizers has been implemented. The function of an immobilizer is simply to electronically inhibit the vehicle from starting under unauthorized conditions. One or more of the vehicle’s critical starting circuits are interrupted to ensure that it can’t be started by traditional means. This helps to lessen the probability that a vehicle would be stolen by ‘hot wiring’ or other sinister means.

There are different types of immobilizers depending on the age and make/model of your vehicle, but they are all intended to inhibit the vehicle from starting without an authorized key. A visit to our showrooms and demonstration by our product specialists will provide you the information you’ll need to make an educated selection.

What an Immobilizer Does Not Do

While the basic premise of an immobilizer is to inhibit the vehicle from starting without an authorized key, it does not sound an alarm or have any other means of protection (such as glass, impact or entry door protection). An immobilizer will not protect the car from being jacked up or towed away. It will also not protect any of the vehicle’s contents (such as the in-dash stereo, purses, credit cards, smartphones, etc.) that are left inside the vehicle. An immobilizer is simply an installed device which electronically inhibits the vehicle from starting without an authorized key.

SoundsGood Auto can show you more comprehensive vehicle security systems that offer much greater protection and still maintain the function if immobilization to satisfy insurance company requirements. Visit our Vehicle Security page or stop in and let our expert product specialists provide you comprehensive demonstration.

Compliant with Canadian Requirements

All of our vehicle immobilizer systems comply with the requirements of the National Standard of Canada ULC-S338. They are also tested and approved by the Insurance Bureau of Canada. This ensures the immobilizer we install for you meets the necessary conditions to be in compliance with Canadian laws and insurance company requirements. Vehicle owners with a compliant immobilizer typically enjoy lower insurance premiums as a result. A lower insurance premium easily offsets the cost of installing an immobilizer and often provides some opportunity to upgrade to even better vehicle security features.

Any Type of Vehicle

At SoundsGood Auto, we can install an immobilizer on any type of vehicle. Of course passenger cars and trucks are what most people consider as immobilizer candidates, but we’ve also helped commercial vehicle owners with delivery trucks, heavy equipment, tractors and other equipment that is costly if stolen. We can even install an immobilizer system on boats and recreational vehicles. If it needs to be protected from being started without an authorized key, we have an immobilizer system for you.

Visit Us Today

Stop in and visit either our Coquitlam or Burnaby facilities and allow us to give you a shop tour and discuss an immobilizer that’ll fulfill your basic anti-theft needs. We’ll also gladly show you some opportune ways to add more comprehensive security system measures so that all of your vehicle security needs are met. Our thoughtful solutions combined with our world-class, expert installation ensure you’ll have the ideal immobilizer and vehicle security system for your needs. We’re not just a car audio and alarm shop; we are a world-class Vehicle Enhancement Facility.