Heated Seats

Did you know that the automotive enhancement experts at SoundsGood Auto in Burnaby and Coquitlam can add heated seats to almost any vehicle? That’s right, even if your car, truck or SUV didn’t come with seat heaters, our team can integrate high-quality heating elements between the upholstery and foam to make getting into your vehicle on a cold morning a lot more comfortable. In fact, golf carts, ATVs, snowmobiles, tractors or a bulldozer are perfect candidates for our a seat heater upgrades.

How Do Seat Heaters Work?

Our seat heater kits include a pair of warming pads that use flexible carbon fiber elements. The thin pads are virtually undetectable once installed, aside from the comfort they add.

Our most popular solutions include a simple mechanical control switch with high and low settings. You can leave the heaters turned on, so the car starts warming up as soon as it starts. If we’ve added a remote car starter, your seats warm up at the same time as the engine. How convenient is that?

Expert Vehicle Installation Technicians

We take the utmost pride in ensuring the work we perform is world-class in every aspect. We use the same OEM-grade hog-rings as the manufacturer to reassemble your seat after the installation is complete and we always take the time to ensure the upholstery looks smooth and flawless. We source a reliable high-current power source to make sure the heating elements work safely and efficiently. Finally, we double- and triple-check every aspect of the installation to ensure your seats function safely. Every task is done right the first time, without fail.

Visit the Vehicle Enhancement Experts at SoundsGood Auto

If you are interested in upgrading the comfort of your vehicle, drop into SoundsGood Auto and ask one of our specialists about seat heaters. They will inspect your vehicle to ensure our solutions will work with the occupant detection system in the passenger seat, discuss where you want the control switches installed and then turn the vehicle over to one of our expertly trained technicians to complete the integration process. Heated Seat Installations are just another amazing service from SoundsGood Auto – Vancouver’s Vehicle Enhancement Experts.