PS Tracking and Vehicle Locating

Whether you are a worried parent of a new driver or a business owner that wants to monitor your assets, the GPS vehicle tracking systems we offer at SoundsGood Auto in Coquitlam and Burnaby deliver peace of mind. Once considered the stuff of futuristic movies, being able to keep tabs on the location of your vehicle or equipment is as easy as tapping a button on your smartphone or logging into a website.

How Does GPS Tracking Work?

Our vehicle locating solutions are simple and elegant in their design. They use a compact module that installs in your dash that includes a GPS receiver and cellular radio that communicates with the service provider. When you want to know the vehicle location, the cellular radio transmits the longitude and latitude to your phone via the server at the service provider. The locating process takes a few seconds and is typically accurate to within a few meters. Once the app on your phone as the location, it overlays that information onto a map along with the speed and heading. Many systems are directly compatible with the Apple Watch for added convenience.

What Else Can GPS Tracking Systems Do?

Depending on your vehicle, we can integrate our tracking systems into the door locks of your vehicle or add a remote car starter to let you warm your car or truck on a cold winter day or cool it off in the summer. Even if you are on vacation in Florida, on the beach in Rio de Janeiro, as long as your smartphone has data access, you can monitor your vehicle.

If we’ve integrated your tracking system with a car alarm, your phone will alert you if the system is triggered so you can take action right away. You can configure Geofencing and time-based alerts to let you know if your staff is using your trucks after hours or if your son or daughter has arrived at their destination safely.

Is There a Cost to Use GPS Locating?

Because these modules use the cellular data network, there is a small monthly cost to use the system. Our team can help you choose the right package for your needs. From a simple on-demand system to minute-by-minute location updates with driving feedback, the options are extensive.

Visit the Vehicle Tracking Experts at SoundsGood Auto Today!

If you want to keep track of a car, truck, van or trailer, drop into our store in Burnaby or Coquitlam and speak with one of our specialists. They would be happy to help you choose a solution that offers the features you need and arrange for one of our expert technicians to perform the installation.