The Future of Wireless iPhone Connectivity in Your Vehicle

The world of technology is quickly going wireless and car audio is no exception to the matter.

Alpine’s new iLX-107 receiver with wireless CarPlay now available at SoundsGood Auto, released June 2017, bridges the gap by letting you use Apple’s newest iPhones completely cable-free inside your vehicle. Wireless charging, wireless CarPlay.
The iLX-107, based on the iLX-700/007, is the first and only Wi-Fi enabled aftermarket CarPlay receiver available in Canada, or anywhere else for that matter.
It connects to your iPhone over the 5GHz band, which ensures low interference from other devices, as well as a much stronger and more reliable connection than Bluetooth can achieve.
Alpine has updated its system interface and menus to match the new CarPlay interface, making for a seamless user experience when using other features of the receiver.
The iLX-107 also controls add-on vehicle accessories such as lights, back-up cameras, truck bed covers, and more.
Alpine has decided not to include disc playback in this model as they determined the majority of users would not benefit from this feature.
With the release of the iPhone 8 and iPhone X, a number of added features were introduced. A big stand-out that goes hand-in-hand with wireless CarPlay is wireless charging.
In the coming months, expect to see more premium vehicle accessories that take advantage of this feature. For example, wireless charging cradles. You put your phone in to charge when you start driving, and take it out when you leave your vehicle. No cable fiddling, no plugging/unplugging, and no broken cords.
Whether you’re upgrading to the newest iPhone or not, iOS 11 is rolling out new and enhanced CarPlay features for older iPhone users as well. .
Source: Alpine,
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