Five Tips to Keep Your Car Safe

TIP #1 Don’t leave valuables in the car


Remove all valuables from your vehicle, even the trunk (in case someone gets access to your car and opens the trunk). It is specially recommended to remove valuables from the passenger’s and driver’s seat. Look inside the car when you are locking your doors to make sure you didn’t leave your wallet, phone or electronics behind.

TIP #2 Choose Your Parking Wisely

Park in a well-lit area with good foot traffic where lots of eyes will be around. Intruders usually target areas that are dark and where not a lot of witnesses will be found. It would even be ideal to park in a location with cameras.

Tip #3 Keep Your Car Tidy

Avoid making intruders guess if there are valuables under the clutter- keep it clean! It will also allow you to keep track of what exactly is in your car.

Tip #4 Lock Your Doors

Although it seems like an obvious one, we all have been guilty of forgetting to lock the doors at some point. Prevent others from accessing your ride without your consent. Always double check you’ve locked the doors before you walk away from your car.

Tip#5 Install an extra alarm system/ Remote starter

There are some valuables we just cannot take with us (sound system, dash cams, entertainment systems) every time we leave our car. If intruders manage to disable your locks, they could also bypass your standard alarm. Get an extra alarm system or remote starter to notify you of any suspicious activity around your vehicle.

If you are looking to get an alarm system or want to see the options for remote starters. We are always here to help. Send us a message or simply call one of our stores for more information. We want to keep your car safe this season.