Vancouver Client Upgrades Ferrari F550 Stereo System

At SoundsGood Auto we were very excited when the owner of this beautiful exotic contacted us about upgrading his Ferrari F550 Stereo System.   The car had an aftermarket system installed by another shop, but the work did not meet his high standards.  After seeing some of our work he decided we were the right shop for him.  We started by removing all of the old installation and started fresh, to ensure the whole install was up to our high standards.  Two areas we spent the majority of our time on were the amplifier mounting and the subwoofer enclosure.  To secure the amplifiers we made a plate, wrapped it in a matching material and then secured it after mounting the amplifiers to it.  The subwoofer enclosure houses a 8″ Pioneer subwoofer behind the passenger seat. We made sure that the seat still slid all the way back, so the client did not loose any functionality.  The enclosure was wrapped with two matching materials for a very integrated look.

The client loved the additions SoundsGood made and he was very happy he chose us to work on his exotic.  If you have a special car and need someone you can trust to work on it, give us a call.  We will treat your car like it is our own.  You can also contact us here for more information.