Thinkware F790 + Rear Dash Cam

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F790 + Rear Dash Cam

Say hello to a clutter-free dashboard with Thinkware’s F790.

Thanks to the all-new Plugin mount and its innovative design, cables have been neatly integrated into the dash cam mount itself to simplify installation and keep the dashboard looking tidy. Thinkware’s proprietary Super Night Vision 3.0 technology, coupled with HDR, enhances the F790’s Full HD night recording capabilities so you don’t miss important details when driving in dark conditions.

The F790 also comes equipped with Dewarping Video technology to ensure that all front footage is recorded with minimal distortion, delivering a close-to-real view of the world. Boasting advanced video recording technology in an impeccable and sleek design, the F790 is the ultimate dash cam for your next road journey.