Driver Safety

Safety Behind the Wheel is Important

Driver safety is high priority at SoundsGood Auto. We offer many products, combined with careful installation, that help drivers increase situational awareness while decreasing distraction. We offer back-up cameras, back-up sensor systems, forward collision warning (FCW) systems, lane departure warning (LDW) systems, blind spot detection systems, and Bluetooth hands-free calling solutions. All of these serve to enhance your road awareness while behind the wheel. We also assist with the installation and maintenance of many other safety feature options.

Backup Cameras and Backup Sensors

We sell and install a variety of back-up cameras and sensor systems that vastly enhance driver safety. Depending on the vehicle you drive, one or more of these choices are sure to meet your needs. Our in-house product specialists will be happy to demonstrate and discuss your options at your convenience.

  • Universal Back-up Cameras– A universal back-up camera can be installed into any vehicle. There are many mounting styles from which to choose. One or more of these styles will best suit your vehicle if there was not originally a factory back-up camera option available. Adding a universal back-up camera is easy way to have new car technology in your vehicle without having to buy a brand-new vehicle.
  • Factory-Style Back-up Camera– Vehicles that offered a factory-installed back-up camera can have a factory-style camera installed by SoundsGood Auto that looks and functions identically to the factory part. If a back-up camera was not included in your specific trim level or option package but was available on other (more outfitted) models, SoundsGood Auto can add that option for you while making it look and sound just like other models.
  • Surround Cameras– Some of the newest cameras systems are called ‘surround’ or ‘360 degree’ cameras. These systems use four cameras to provide a surrounded view of the vehicle allowing drivers to see in front of, behind, and on both sides of the vehicle. While it adds a great function as a back-up camera, a surround camera system is also suitable for large vehicles, lifted vehicles, or vehicles that have a long hood that inhibit otherwise easy views of parking. A surround camera system can help to mitigate scratching wheels or bodywork when entering into tight parking spots.
  • Back-up Sensors– Back-up sensor systems provide audible warning beeps that increase in frequency when the vehicle gets closer to an obstruction. These systems utilize tiny ultrasonic sensors installed inconspicuously into the vehicle’s rear bumper. We can combine a back-up sensor system with a back-up camera to further enhance your awareness of obstructions behind the vehicle, both visually and audibly.
  • Viewing Options for Cameras – SoundsGood Auto offers multiple options for viewing back-up cameras. When the vehicle has an existing in-dash LCD screen from the factory, we can typically integrate the back-up camera image to display on the factory screen by using a vehicle-specific interface device. For those clients with an aftermarket double-DIN in-dash multimedia stereo, the back-up camera image can be displayed easily on those units. There are also other alternatives for viewing such as rear-view mirrors with integrated LCD screens and stand-alone LCD screens, both of which may suit vehicles lacking an existing screen elsewhere.

Lane Departure, Forward Collision and Blind Spot Warning

Driver safety is so important that we offer a driver awareness systems that monitor lane departure, forward collision and blind spots. These all help to reduce the probability of accidents stemming from driver distraction or simply things outside of the driver’s field of vision.

  • Lane Departure Warning (LDW) and Forward Collision Warning (FCW) System – This advanced system uses a high optics camera mounted behind the rear view mirror to track driving progress in real time, which helps you keep your vehicle in your own lane and mitigate front end collision concerns. The system uses complex algorithms and data from the vehicle’s speed and road information (road signs, lane lines, pedestrians, etc.). When the vehicle departs a lane or a potential forward collision is identified, the system alerts the driver in both audible and (with the optional display) visual measures.
  • Blind Spot Warning Systems – These systems are somewhat similar in concept to backup sensors in that they use tiny ultrasonic sensors to provide situational awareness, but they are inconspicuously mounted on the sides of the rear (and sometimes front) bumpers to sense vehicles in your blind spot. The systems provide visual and/or audible indications whenever the turn signal is applied to warn the driver of an obstruction in the blind spot. They are typically inactive below 5kph to eliminate warnings in common situations where pedestrians pass by the vehicle while at a safe enough speed to brake, such as in parking lots.
  • Safety Exit Assist – An addition to the blind spot monitor, this feature can prevent back doors from opening when it detects oncoming traffic from the rear. It is especially ideal for keeping your young children safe when exiting the vehicle.

Place and Receive Calls Hands-Free

Driver safety means keeping your eyes on the road; especially important when you’re on the phone! We offer many options for hands-free calling using Bluetooth technology. As long as your phone supports the Bluetooth Hands-Free Profile (HFP), you have one or more options to install a solution that works with your specific vehicle and your specific phone. We have many systems on display in our showrooms and in vehicles to provide you a range of in-person demonstrations that allow for the best possible match to suit your needs.

  • Stand Alone Hands-Free Kits – We offer Bluetooth hands-free kits that come with their own display and control panel so that you can install a safe hands-free calling solution in any year, make and model of vehicle. These kits are available in varying display sizes and functionality. The top-of-the-range models have vibrant color LCD screens that display your caller’s photo from your phone’s contact list when placing or receiving the call.
  • Factory Integration Bluetooth Kits – For newer model vehicles that either did not offer the Bluetooth option whatsoever or which lacks the factory option if it was available, we have factory-like integration solutions to enable Bluetooth hands-free capabilities those vehicles. These solutions utilize the factory in-dash unit and steering wheel buttons, just as the factory Bluetooth would use. This is the ultimate level of factory integration. GM, Cadillac, Ford, Porsche, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Land Rover and many others are available. Ask our product specialists about your specific vehicle.

Once initially paired with your phone, all of our Bluetooth hands-free solutions automatically recognize your phone thereafter. Most of our systems support full access to your phone’s contact list to enable easy ‘by name’ dialing by name and support caller ID recognition for inbound calls. Many of our Bluetooth solutions also support music streaming over the Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP) so you can stream your favorite music from your smartphone when not placing or receiving calls.

Visit Us for all of your Driver Safety Needs

Stop in and visit either our Coquitlam or Burnaby locations and allow us to give you a shop tour and demonstrate all of our driver safety solutions. Our comprehensive mix of solutions combined with our world-class, expert installation ensures your awareness behind the wheel is at its best. We’re not just a car audio and alarm shop; we are a world-class Vehicle Enhancement Facility.