Commercial Vehicle Products and Services

Whether you are after Amber lighting, safety camera systems, or GPS tracking for the commercial vehicle fleet that you manage or maintain, the SoundsGood team is here to help. We carry the top brands in the industry, and our expertly trained technicians understand the need for timely service and world class reliability from every installation.

Safety Lighting

We work with companies like Pro Signal and GOLight to deliver the most robust, brightest, and safest commercial vehicle lighting solutions available. From a work truck on a construction site to a front end loader digging up dirt, Pro Signal and GOLight, lightbars, beacons, flashers, lightheads, and work lights are the standards by which all others are compared.

Backup and Safety Camera Systems

The safety benefits of a backup camera system dramatically outweigh their cost. Personal injury, property damage, and vehicle repair costs can quickly reach the tens of thousands. Investing in a blind spot, backup, and cargo monitoring camera system is like having a co-pilot in the vehicle at a fraction of the price.

We also carry a full array of dashcam and multi-camera mobile video recording solutions. With the number of pour drivers on the road and fraud at an all-time high, protecting your staff and fleet is a great idea.

Expert Installation Services

The vehicle integration technicians at SoundsGood Auto are amongst the best in the world. They take pride in the work they do, whether it’s installing a complete safety lighting or camera system, or adding components to a previously-equipped vehicle, every aspect of the project is optimized for system performance, reliability, and ease-of-use.

If we can assist with your commercial vehicle needs, contact SoundsGood Auto in Coquitlam or Burnaby today.