Chevy Nova Project

This client’s classic American car was a pleasure to work on.

The client originally called in to inquire about a basic keyless entry system for his classic Chevy Nova. After speaking with the client and understanding his needs, we determined that a Compustar alarm system would be better suited to the task than just keyless entry.

We added power door locks, a power hood, door triggers plus a shock sensor and a glass break sensor to this vehicle. To ensure he knew what was happening with his prized car while he was away, we selected the Compustar G15 2-way LED remotes for ease of use and worry-free operation.

We worked carefully to make certain that our installation matched the quality and integrity of the rest of the wiring. Our aim was to have any components we installed blend in as seamlessly as possible with previous upgrades done to the vehicle.

A job well done! Have a look at this meticulously maintained vehicle below: