Sound Quality

Good Sound is our Namesake

Our deep sound quality experience combined with world-class expert car stereo installation ensures you’ll have a front row seat at your own rolling musical event every time you get behind the wheel. We’re not just a car audio installation shop; we are a world-class Vehicle Enhancement Facility that knows how to deliver incredible sound in your car. We are passionate about high fidelity music reproduction in the automotive environment. At SoundsGood we strive to envelop you with in-vehicle sound so realistic that it becomes an emotional experience you’ll never forget. Our work with the International AutoSound Challenge Association (IASCA) means we have the requisite knowledge and technical expertise to take your sound quality aspirations to the next level. Of course we have many approaches that fit all budgets, so you need not feel like a fantastic automotive sound system is out of your reach. We believe everyone deserves to have incredible audio experiences in their vehicle and we’ll be happy to help develop a sound quality system just for you.

Full Range Frequency Response

One of the hallmarks of an incredibly accurate sound system is that it’s able to reproduce all of the 20Hz-20kHz frequencies in the human hearing range. At SoundsGood Auto we have a wide assortment of high quality speaker systems that are engineered to cover each of the ranges so that together they all harmonize into providing a seamless transition from the lowest to highest frequencies. With this all important seamless transition, your ears are more inclined to process those sounds as believable. When sound is believable, it’s how we often characterize it as being there when it was recorded.

Speakers are critical to achieving full range sound, but the appropriate filtering and amplification is also an important part of the process. Where your ears are particularly sensitive in the vocal ranges, it may not require the same level of power that a subwoofer or midbass speaker requires to achieve the critical balance of sound. This is where our expertise and deep IASCA judging experience becomes an invaluable asset to help assemble the audio system that’ll achieve your sound quality expectations.

Staging and Imaging

While accuracy and balance of frequency response is a critical element to achieving good sound in a car, the added nuance of speaker placement and signal delay techniques allow us to fine-tune the perceived placement of vocals and instruments in your vehicle. The concept of staging allows the listener to perceive sound emanating from an imaginary stage which should be atop the dashboard and (ideally) extend outside of the windshield and sides. We know how to achieve this important attribute for your sound quality system.

Stereo imaging is also an important aspect that helps to define where the instruments and vocals are originating within that imaginary stage. As no listener sits directly in the middle of the vehicle, we can utilize signal delay in several of our sophisticated DSP-based signal processors to help make a right or left side seated listener feel as though they are sitting in the middle. This is another of the important attributes we feel our deep IASCA experience benefits our important sound quality clients.

Deep, Rich Bass

Many people mistakenly assume great bass and low frequency response means loud and waking the neighbours. This does not have to be the case at all, although we certainly understand some folks love the bass loud enough to be audible outside the car. Our sound quality system approaches focus on the realism of the bass response so that in the confines of the car, it has a quick and tight accuracy that helps to faithfully reproduce sounds from pianos, bass guitars, drums and other instruments with low frequency content. We also work to ensure the sound levels are balanced with other speakers in the vehicle so that, ideally, the location of the subwoofer is not evident to the listener. In the best sound quality systems, the bass simply sounds as if it emanates from the other front speakers in the car to provide the reinforcement of low frequencies that it’s intended to do rather than providing a separate and convoluted sound. At SoundsGood Auto we often call this “up front bass” because of the illusion it creates. We’re happy to demonstrate this with any number of on-site sound quality demonstration vehicles.

Fine Tuning

All great sounding automotive audio systems require some fine tuning to suit the specific environment of the vehicle, the speaker positions relative to one another and the listener’s personal tastes. This is a service we proudly offer at SoundsGood Auto and it’s yet another way we can get the sound system in your vehicle performing to IASCA competition grade sound quality, even if you never intend to compete or show others. By leveraging our expertise in fine tuning sound system attributes, we can create results that rival a live performance or some of the best home entertainment systems. We have the requisite tooling and knowledge of using those tools to ensure a great outcome that your ears will love.

We take the time to learn about your music preferences and are also happy to share some of our own recommendations with regard to digital media storage and file types so that your in-vehicle sound quality experience is second to none. If quality sound in the vehicle is what you seek, look no further than SoundsGood Auto.

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Stop in and visit either our Coquitlam or Burnaby facilities and allow us to give you a shop tour, discuss sound quality reference points (such as what you may have at home, if you attend live performances, etc.) and show you our sound quality approach to tailor a sound system just for you.