Sound Equals Emotion

At SoundsGood Auto Services we are incredibly passionate about delivering a great car audio experience. Experiencing realistic sound playback in the vehicle is an emotional reaction when done right and something with which we have extensive experience. As Vancouver’s International Auto Sound Challenge (IASCA) dealer, Vancouver’s SoundsGood bring a unique set of listening and evaluation skills to the table which allow us to specifically target effective products and installation approaches to deliver incredibly real sound in your car. Of course we also provide replacements of in-dash stereos, speakers and other items that help to modernize vehicles that lack the latest technology like Bluetooth, backup cameras, USB or SD card storage capability of digital music and many other amazing features. Whatever your needs, we will provide you some excellent recommendations that’ll satisfy your car audio goals. Let us show you our friendly and knowledgeable approach to great car sound and car audio technology.

In-Store and In-Vehicle Car Audio Demonstrations

SoundsGood stores in Burnaby and Coquitlam are outfitted with diverse and educational in-store displays that demonstrate the latest technical capability and innovative features of each car audio product we sell. Additionally, we have on-site vehicles with car sound systems of various levels to provide in-vehicle demonstrations that allow you an realistic audition of what your own vehicle can sound like upon a completed professional installation. If you have your own music preferences and want to bring them along for use during listening to our displays and vehicles, it’s no problem. Vancouver’s SoundsGood wants you to immerse yourself in the limitless possibilities available with a personalized vehicle sound system upgrade for your car stereo.

In-Dash Technology

Both Vancouver SoundsGood Auto locations offer a complete range of in-dash source units from entry-level CD player replacements up to full-featured Double-DIN navigation and multimedia units with Bluetooth wireless connectivity and expandable features like backup camera integration. If your vehicle has factory-installed steering wheel controls for the car audio system, it’s no problem; we can integrate them to function exactly as expected with your new in-dash unit.

Upgraded Speakers

Your ears will thank you when you choose upgraded speakers from SoundsGood Auto Services. It’s in our namesake. We display and can demonstrate a range of car speakersthat will convey even the most subtle nuance of music expression. The automotive speakers installed at the factory are often constructed of lesser materials, lack wide frequency response and have limited power handling so it’s no wonder they distort when you turn up the volume to try and improve what your ears are hearing. Since the human hearing range expands from 20Hz-20kHz, upgrading to premium speakers will increase the overall range of frequencies you hear as well as reveal those important details in music that make you smile.

Add or Upgrade a Subwoofer

For many the term subwoofer creates concepts of cars with bass that wake the neighbors. While we can create incredibly loud and deep bass reproduction in vehicle sound systems, this business of waking up the neighborhood is not where our focus is when it comes to subwoofers. Having a great subwoofer allows your mobile audio system to reproduce the full range of frequencies in the lower spectrum and this often makes the instruments like drums, bass guitar, piano and others sound much more realistic. Our expert auto sound technicians can create a subwoofer solution for your vehicle that does not require giving up precious cargo space or that will compromise the use of the vehicle in any way. Let us show you some very innovative automotive subwoofer solutions.

Amplify the Sound

The most effective way to bring great auto speakers to life is with mobile amplifiers that make mobile sound much more clear and powerful. Overcome road noises, mechanical sounds of the motor and chassis, as well as achieving a listening experience that eclipses conversational levels without audible distortion. You need not have thousands of watts of power in your vehicle to have great sound, but you can hear audible benefits from the right amount of amplifier power that is matched to the speakers in your system. This is one additional way we ensure your sound system performs in a way that’ll make you smile wherever the volume knob is turned.

Signal Processing

Very sophisticated car audio systems incorporate audio signal processing to fine tune the sound for very specific tastes. Check our sound quality page to learn more about how SoundsGood Auto Services uses the latest audio signal processing technologies to bring car audio systems to a level that rivals even the best home systems or live performances.

Visit Us Today

Stop in and visit either our Coquitlam or Burnaby locations and allow us to give you a shop tour, discuss mobile sound system upgrades that’ll make your vehicle much more enjoyable to drive. Our thoughtful solutions combined with our world-class expert car audio installation ensure you’ll have a front row seat at your own rolling musical event every time you get behind the wheel.