Vehicle Security

Not Just Car Alarms; Real Vehicle Security

At SoundsGood Auto Services, we are passionate about protecting your vehicle in the most comprehensive and innovative ways. We combine our knowledge of installation with the added element of stealthy creativity so that our security systems are highly effective and extremely difficult for a would-be thief to defeat. In the Lower Mainland, no other car electronics retailer can offer the level of vehicle security protection you’ll find with SoundsGood. More than just a car alarm, we pride ourselves on installing truly comprehensive vehicle security systems for our valued clientele and invite you to experience our difference.

Exceptional Products

Our vehicle security systems are the very best. Combined with our skillful installation, our products carry an exceptional lifetime warranty and we provide many security options to best match your needs to the right security system and remote control method. We can also combine a security system with remote car starter functionality to further enhance the peace-of-mind knowing your car is safe, secure and even more convenient to operate.

Quality of Installation

Among the most important aspects of any vehicle security system is the quality of the installation. SoundsGood Auto is highly experienced at security installations in all types of vehicles, including passenger cars and trucks, commercial vehicles, tractors and many other non-traditional vehicles. If it has wheels and you want it protected, chances are we have installed a security system in (or on) one like it before. We can even install security systems on boats.

We solder all of our wire-to-wire connections to ensure longevity. We use high temperature protection for wiring located in engine compartment and heat-sensitive areas. We insulate any connections to mechanical devices (such as hood pin switches) to resist corrosion. There are many subtle, but very critical differences we employ in our installations and we’d be happy to show you when you visit us for a demonstration.

The Thief’s Point of View

Rather than focus on the speed of installation at SoundsGood Auto, we try to focus on how thieves think about the vulnerable entry points and weaknesses of a vehicle that they’d use to gain access for content theft or theft of the whole vehicle. These are two different objectives for which we provide robust and thoughtful security solutions. We like to say we don’t just ‘hook up alarms’; we provide robust and effective vehicle security installations that are personalized to meet your needs.

Some of the common things we do that reduce the probability of theft are:

  • We locate the security system control unit in less obvious (non-typical) locations to make it more difficult to find and disable.
  • We use wiring and camouflage techniques to make our security wiring indistinguishable from factory wiring, which further trips up thieves when trying to disable a security system.
  • We can electronically interrupt the vehicle’s starter circuit so that, without an authorized key and the security system’s remote control, the vehicle is unable to start. This ensures a much more difficult effort to try and ‘hot wire’ the vehicle by a thief.
  • We can install battery backup systems that allow the security system to remain sounding even if the main power is cut or disabled.
  • We protect all points of entry, including the hood and trunk (or hatch) so that any point in which a thief can gain access is monitored and can trigger the system.
  • We have an array of specialized sensors that detect impact, glass breakage, tilting (such as jacking up the vehicle), movement in a space (such as a truck bed or interior), seat pressure and many others. We pride ourselves on customizing a solution for each of our clients.
  • All of our systems use rolling code technology, which transmits a different, randomized code each time. This ensures no ‘over the air’ capture of your code by wireless snooping devices.

Consider Adding a Remote Car Starter

We can add remote car starter functionality to just about any vehicle security system we offer. Check out our Remote Car Starter page for more information about the robust degree of remote car starters we install. We are experts in both comprehensive vehicle security and remote car starters.

Remote Control Options

We offer 1-way and 2-way RF remote key fob remote controls in many styles. We have some stylized options that are very thin and compact to easily fit in your pocket. Typical range of RF remotes can be up to 1 kilometer which well exceeds factory key fob remotes (typically limited to 30-40 meters).

The benefit of a 2-way model is that it will provide confirmation of the doors locking and the system status (armed or disarmed). A 2-way remote will also alert you to any activity that sets off the security system which could include opening of a door, impact or glass sensors, or any number of other trigger points we connect. Should you add a remote car starter as part of the security system, you can also start the vehicle and check other vehicle statistics from the 2-way transmitter.

The most robust control way to control your vehicle security system (and remote starter – if added) is via smartphone app. This is available for iOS (Apple®) or Android™ devices. Using a smartphone app provides additional features such as status updates (check the vehicle’s temperature, confirm doors are locked, etc.) and other options such as real-time GPS tracking. This is enabled through cellular communication, so anywhere there’s a signal you can control your vehicle’s security system.

Added Conveniences

We can add convenience features to your security system such as remote garage door opener (from the system’s remote control) which means you need not keep your garage door opener out in the open where it’s vulnerable to theft. We can remotely close the windows or sunroof (or open them) to make your interaction with the vehicle even easier. We can provide specialized circuits that lock out items such as the audio system when leaving your car with the valet or mechanic. Whatever you can imagine, chances are we can find a way to add it to your vehicle security system.

Visit Us Today

Stop in and visit either our Coquitlam or Burnaby facilities and allow us to give you a shop tour. We can discuss a vehicle security system that’ll increase the security of your vehicle and provide added peace-of-mind. We’ll even show you some opportune ways to add additional convenience features and remote car starter functionality. Our thoughtful solutions combined with our world-class, expert installation ensure you’ll have the ideal vehicle security system for your needs. We’re not just a car audio and alarm shop; we are a world-class Vehicle Enhancement Facility.