Backup Sensor vs. Camera: What’s the Difference?

As most drivers are probably aware, backing up is one of the most common causes of car accidents. When trying to back into or out of a space, you’re somewhat at the mercy of your surroundings, since it’s more difficult to get a clear field of vision when you’re turning around.

In response to this problem, there are a few different devices on the market that are designed to help you prevent any accidents while you’re backing up.

Backup cameras and sensors are both designed to alert the driver if any issues are occurring in their rear view, but what’s the difference between the two devices? In this article, we’ll cover the pros and cons of both backup cameras and backup sensors. This will allow you to understand what you’re shopping for when you choose between the two.

backup camera on car vs sensor - what's the difference

What’s the Difference Between Backup Sensors and Cameras?

Sensors and cameras fulfill the same need, they just do so differently. A sensor detects if there’s something near your car and emits a sound to let you know you’re close to hitting it. The closer you are to hitting something, the more quickly the sensor will beep.

The camera, on the other hand, lets you see what’s going on in an area that would normally be a blind spot.

Why Do Some People Prefer Parking Sensors?

Parking sensors are useful because they work. While you’re looking behind you to ensure you’re not hitting anything, the sensors can alert you if there’s anything you missed in a blind spot. The sensor is an additional tool which doesn’t get in the way of your normal process for backing up.

One of the biggest drawbacks is that they can be difficult to install, which is why you want to make sure you’re buying these sensors from someone who won’t make you install them yourself. While this isn’t difficult for professionals, it can be difficult for someone who’s installing these sensors for the first, second, or even third time.

Why Do Some People Prefer Cameras?

It makes sense that some people would prefer cameras to backup sensors. After all, cameras allow you to actually see what’s behind you, instead of just relying on auditory signals. As well, backup cameras seem higher-tech, and thus more luxurious.

However, there are some problems with cameras as well. The biggest issue is that they force you to focus on your dashboard, instead of your surroundings. At the same time, they won’t always work perfectly.

Especially in bad weather, your camera may be unable to see what’s behind it. If you’ve gotten used to using your camera instead of physically turning around to look behind you, this can be a major issue.

Where Can You Get a Backup Sensor Installation?

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