What’s Audiofrog?

Audiofrog is a loudspeaker company started by a collection of industry veterans from all over the world with specific expertise in transducer design and development, brand management, logistics, international sales and marketing. Collectively, Audiofrog brings over 150 years of industry expertise in offering car audio and pro speakers that outperform every other speaker in their price class and even speakers that cost hundreds of dollars more.

Most high end speakers available for cars are adaptations of components originally designed for use in home audio cabinets. In stark contrast, Audiofrog speakers are engineered from the ground up for use in cars. They fit. They’re tested to withstand extreme heat, extreme cold, humidity, exposure to ultraviolet light and vibration in a sequence developed to simulate use over 50,000 miles in a moving car. We power test our designs at the limits of their capability for 100 hours to ensure that your experience is trouble free. Best of all, Audiofrog speakers sound like no others. Loud or soft, rock and roll, classical, hip-hop or jazz—no matter what you play or how loudly you play it, Audiofrog speakers deliver clarity and detail unmatched by competitors.

Listen for yourself. We’re sure you’ll be impressed.