Aquatic AV

Founded in 2005, Aquatic AV started out developing specialized AV products for the Spa industry which not only had water intrusion problems, but problems with heat, excessive evaporation, and issues with various harsh chemicals used to keep the water clean.

Working with our design team we quickly developed products and materials that would survive these conditions. Instead of using normal car stereo chassis Aquatic AV products were built using stainless steel and other specially coated metals. All our PCBs were conformal coated, new gasket designs were also developed and silicone and other materials were used to flll in air gaps where water and chemicals could cause potential problems. Aquatic AV quickly became the benchmark in the industry and soon the majority of major Spa manufactures were using our products for their AV equipment.

Following our success in the Spa industry we soon realized there was a need for these unique products in other areas. Boat builders and boat owners were completely dissatisfied with the so called “marine” products available to them so when Aquatic AV offered them the first “real” solution our marine market just took off!

Aquatic AV was first to introduce, waterproof wireless 2-way remotes, waterproof DVDs, universal iPod systems and IP66 rated marine amplifiers and to this day we continue to develop specialized AV products for use in these harsh environments.