80s Mustang, ready for 2018

Our client brought his long-term project in for us to assess. After having the car sit for a number of years, there was some major updating necessary to give this 80’s Mustang 2018-level sound and security.

We installed a new a new alarm/remote start system, controlled by a Compustar T11 remote package with full protection; hood, trunk, and door triggers as well as glass breakage and digital shock/tilt sensors.

We removed the interior and applied a full coat of sound dampening throughout the car (floor and doors plus the rear panels).

When SoundsGood Auto got to assessing the sound system in the vehicle, it was determined that we needed to upgrade both the cosmetics and the output of the system. We replaced some dated Alpine Type R speakers with new Audiofrog GS60 midranges and GS10 Tweeters. Then, we revamped the lower panels to remove the dated 80’s vinyl and worn lower panels. Finally, we added in CNC plexiglass inserts + backlit them Blue to accent the design of the car.

Have a look at the fresh new door panels below: